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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Modulation of murine gastric antrum smooth muscle STOC activity and excitability by phospholamban박경식
2010Modulation of Regulatory Proteins in TRAIL-mediated Apoptosis by TRAIL-sensitizing Agents이정태
2003Modulation of Sp1-dependent transcription by a cis-acting E2F element in dhfr promoter박관규; 김현철; 이인규
1994Molecular Characteristics of Tumorigenesis in Human Gastric Carcinomas김인호; 손수상; 강중신; 백원기; 서성일; 서민호
1994Molecular characteristics of tumorigenesis in human gastric carcinomas김석곤
2002Molecular cloning and characterization of the human budding uninhibited by benomyl (BUB3) promoter백원기; 서성일; 서민호; 박종욱; 권택규
2019Molecular diagnosis of hereditary spherocytosis by multi-gene target sequencing in Korea: matching with osmotic fragility test and presence of spherocyte심예지
2014Molecular genetics of congenital central hypoventilation syndrome and Haddad syndrome이재호; 김대광
2010Molecular Mechanism on Inflammation and Loss of Cochlear Cells, and Protective Effect of Predinosone홍화
2003Molecular mechanisms of curcumin-induced cytotoxicity: induction of apoptosis through generation of reactive oxygen species, down-regulation of Bcl-XL and IAP, the release of cytochrome c and inhibition of Akt배재훈; 박종욱; 권택규
2009Molecular Mechanisms of Rotenone-induced Apoptosis in Cancer Cells장지훈
2008Molecular Mechanisms of Withaferin A-induced Apoptosis in Human Leukemic U937 Cells오정화
2009Molecular MR Imaging for Visualizing ICAM-1 Expression in the Inflamed Synovium of Collagen-Induced Arthritic Mice김상현
2001Mongolian gerbil에서 유발시킨 일과성 전뇌허혈에 의한 polyamine 함량변동과 해마신경세포손상에 대한 melatonin 투여의 억제작용장영식
2001Mongolian gerbil에서 유발시킨 전뇌허혈에 의한 해마 polyamine 함량변동 및 신경세포손상에 대한 melatonin의 영향이성용; 전재규
2013Monitoring and Treatment for BK Virus After Kidney Transplantation김태석
2014Monosegmental Hepatobiliary Fibropolycystic Disease Mimicking a Mass: Report of Three Cases권중혁; 김미정; 김영환; 강구정; 강유나; 권선영
2004Monotherapy with the novel human anti-CD154 monoclonal antibody ABI793 in rhesus monkey renal transplantation model김형태
2016Mood Symptoms and Restless Legs Syndrome Without Periodic Limb Movements During Sleep: Is it a Clinical Subtype?조용원
2003Moos 대처방식척도 한국판(CRI-K)의 심리측정 특성박영남