Pregnancy after Bilateral Ligation of the Internal Iliac(Hypogastric) Arteries

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양측 내장골동맥 결찰후의 정상분만
Taek Hoon KimYoung Wook Suh
Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology (산부인과학)
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Keimyung Medical Journal, Vol.3(1) : 79-82, 1984
내장골 동맥 결찰은 심한 골반장기 출혈시 환자의 생명을 구하는 방법이다. 양측 내장골 동맥 결찰후에 정상만삭분만은 동맥 결찰후에도 충분한 골반의 혈액 순환이 유지된다는 것을 나타낸다. 국내네서는 아직 보고가 되지않은 양측 내장골 동맥 결찰후의 정상분만을 문헌 고찰과 함께 보고하는 바이다.
Ligation of the internal iliac arteries may be life saving in the control of uncontrollable severe pelvic hemorrhage. Ovulation and reproduction represents a high functinal capacity of the female generative apparatus, a capacity that remains even after ligation of both internal iliac and both ovarian arteries. Birth of a living term-sized child after bilateral internal iliac artery ligation would seem to be sufficient demonstration of an adequate pelvic blood supply. Two cases of normal term pregnancy after bilateral ligation of the internal iliac arteries are reported and literatures are reviewed
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