Insulin분비성 췌도세포종 1례

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A Case of Insulinoma
Dept. of Internal Medicine (내과학); Dept. of Surgery (외과학)
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Keimyung Medical Journal, Vol.7(1) : 165-171, 1988
The insulinoma, functional beta cell tumor of the pancreas, is charaterized by frequent attacks of fasting hypoglycemia, which arise from varying degrees of neuroglycopenia and ofen lead to misdiagnosis as a neurologic or psychiatric disoder. Small insulinoma may be undetectable by arteriography of C.T scanning. They can be identified by palpation during laparatomy or by the point at which high insulin levels are detected in the venous effluent sampled at several sites by catheterization of the splenic and portal veins. We report a case of insuligoma, which preoperatively identified by serial measurement of blood glucose, insulin level c-peptide suppression test. During laparatomy, the tumor was found at a posterior part of head of pancreas, measuring 1.2X0.8cm, tumor resection was performed. In the follow up study for 8 months, he has had no hypolycemic symtoms till now.
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이인규; 박승국; 강구정; 박영관
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