Chlorambucil이 수컷 생쥐의 Sertoli 세포의 미세구조에 미치는 영향

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Effect of Chlorambucil on the Ultrastructure of Sertoli Cell in Male Mouse
Dept. of Anatomy (해부학)
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Keimyung Medical Journal, Vol.7(2) : 295-303, 1988
This study was investigated the effect of chlorambucil (Leukeran) on the Sertoli cell of male mouse by electron microscope. Chlorambucil suspended in the 0.5N sodium bicarbonate (pH 8.0) was injected into the male mouse by intraperitoneal at doses level (16mg/kg) for one week, 3 weeks, respectively. The results were as follows; 1. One week after adminstration of chlorambucil, swelling and their inner cristae distruption of some mitochondria, mild vacuolation of cytoplasm, moderate dilation of smooth endoplasmic reticulum (SER) were presented. But, lipid droplet and secondary lysosome were severely increased. 2. After 3 weeks, the dilation of SER and vacuolation of some cytoplasm, the swelling and inner cristae destruption of most mitochondria were appeared. The lipid droplet and lysosome were midly increased. 3. After 5 weeks, most mitochondria were swelling and their membrane were almost disrupted. The dilation of SER and vacuolation of most cytoplasm were almost severely increased. But lipid droplet and lysosome were not observed. As a results, the duration of the chlorambucil administration is longer, the degeneration of the cytoplasm organelles is increased in comparison with control group. On the other hand, nucleus is not degenerated.
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최인장; 이인환; 장성익
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