Interleukin-2를 이용한 진행성 위장관암의 비장을 경유한 자가 LAK Cell의 면역학적 반응

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The Immunologic Reaction of Lymphokine Activated Killer Cell Via Selective Splenic Arterial Infusion of IL-2 for the Advanced Gastrointestinal Cancer
Dept. of Surgery (외과학); Dept. of Nuclear Medicine (핵의학)
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Keimyung Medical Journal, Vol.12(3) : 359-364, 1993
To elucidate the anticancer effect by observing the effect of LAK cells after infusion of IL-2 through splenic artery for the advanced gastrointestinal cancer, randomized study was performed for the 8 patients who had liver metastasis from gastic and rectal cancer. 4 patients were performed subtotal gastrectomy for stomach cancer and the others were done abdominoperineal resections for rectal cancer. The liver metastasis were noted all of the cases after surgery between October 1989 and December 1992 at the Department of Surgery, Keimyung University School of Medicine. After confirmation of the hepatic metastasis from gastorintestinal cancer, we performed selective splenic arterial infusin of IL-2 with the dosage of 20,000 units/kg B.W. We checked the immune function pre-and post-IL2 infusion therapy, such as total lymphocyte count, T-cell percentage and CMI multitest with blood count and hepatorenal function. There was no difference between the pre-and post IL-2 infusion in the hemoglobin, serum protein, albumin, BUN and creatinin. The total lymphocyte counts of pre-and post IL-2 infusion were 1641.2 and 1727.4, respectively. The T cell percentage of pre-and infusion were 62.51% and 64.27%, respectively and had the tendency to increase in comparison with pre-IL-2 infusion, but there were not stastical differences. The results of CML muiltitest of pre-and post IL-2 infusion were not definite differences. From the above results, it could be suggested that LAK cell after infusion of IL-2 via selective splenc artery had the slightly positive effect of the immune function of advanced gastrointestinal cancer patient, with hepatic metastasis.
IL-2Gastrointestinal cancerImmunologic reactionLAK cell
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손수상; 김인호; 강중신; 전석길
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