Fordyce Granules

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Two Cases of Fordyce Granules
Dept. of Dermatology (피부과학)
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Keimyung Medical Journal, Vol.12(3) : 392-395, 1993
Fordyce granules are small yellow spots that are multifocal and slightly elevated. They may occur in clusters or coalesce to from yellow plaques. They are bilaterally symmetrical and are located most frequently on the buccal mucosa of the cheeks, the inner surface of the lips, and on the mucosa distal to the mandibular molars. Fordyce spots are extremely common: probably 80% of the population have them. They are often not noticeable in children until after puberty, and they seem to be more obvious in males, in patients with greasy skin and in the elderly. The granules are totally benign, though the occasional patient or physician becomes concerned about them or misdiagnoses them as thrush, lichen planus or other diseases. We present two cases of Fordyce granules a 64 and a 50 year-old male who have cancer phobia, showing multiple involvement of minute yellowish white colored spots on the buccal mucosa and inner surface of the lip. Histopathologic finding shows a group of small but mature sebaceous lobules situated around a small sebaceous duct leading to the surface epithelium. We did not give any specific treatment but gave reassurance, presently under observation.
Cancer phobiaFordyce granules
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