Overview of Occupational Safety and Health System of D Company in the United States: Implications of Korean Occupational Health

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Keimyung Medical Journal, Vol.17(3) : 319-336, 1998
This study was aimed at understanding occupational safety and health system in the United States. For this purpose. the Technical Operations Center(TOC) of D company (Atlanta). which is representative of the air transport business in the US was selected. At D company, occupational safety and health services are cooperatively conducted at two departments, the Department of Health Service (DHS) and the Department of Corporate Safety and Compliance (DCSC), and a private health center, the Cigna Health Center. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act(OSHAct), the company provides 3 kinds of medical surveillance programs to TOC employees : cadmium, audiometric testing program, and respirator user screening program. The company provides comprehensive health services by including employees' family members to the Health Benefit Plan and the Health Risk Assessment program. The company compensates all cases of work-related conditions of injuries and illnesses. The company shows the greatest concern about ergonomic issues such as cumulative trauma disorders and occupational injuries during the job. The work-site wellness program, which emphasize primary prevention of illnesses seems to be well organized. But, considering a variety of toxic substances in TOC, the company should provide more medical examination services. As one certified industrial hygienist seems to be insufficient in number. D company should hire more industrial hygienist. Also, to maximize the effectiveness, the company should open work-site wellness classes at TOC in place. As for Korea, the results suggest the following areas should be improved in the future. Considering the high rates of alcoholic consumption and smoking, more systematic work-site wellness program that emphasizes lifestyles should be implemented. To increase the effectiveness of current periodic health examination, more systematic health education should be provided. For these parts, the roles of occupational health nurses should be increased. Also, Korean workers' compensation plans should be expanded in the future. It might take long time to improve the effectiveness of these parts, because it is related to the national economic status and wellness. However, we should continuously try to set up better occupational health system in Korea.
Occupational safety and health systemThe United States
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