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The Trend of Changes and Causal Factors in the Consumer's Satisfaction on the Service of K University Hospital for 3 Years (1996 ~ 1998)
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Keimyung Medical Journal, Vol.17(3) : 389-403, 1998
In choosing a hospital, consumer's satisfaction to hospital service is one of the most important factors. The main purpose of this study was, by using self-evaluation data for hospital service, to investigate the trend of consumer's satisfaction to the service of K university hospital and the causal factors for consumer's satisfaction for 3 years (from 1996 to 1998). Subjects of this study were 830 patients. Questionnaires for interview were developed for patients and surveyed by direct interview. Patients were selected by random sampling. The components for evaluation were environment of hospital, attitude of the personnel, and other service items. Remarkable changes or trends of overall satisfaction by age, sex, and educational attainment were not seen in both inpatients and ambulatory patients. But remarkable changes or trends were shown in a few sections due to effort for improving hospital service. The patients expressed increased satisfaction with wards, corridors, and parking lots. But dissatisfaction of patients was persistent in aspects of restroom, public telephone, kindness of the personnel and meal services. Patients showed comparatively high satisfaction and stable trend of satisfaction with reception, receiving, and preengagement, but showed low satisfaction with an waiting place at medical examination and pharmacy in spite of establishing order communication system. These results showed actual proof in a few section that invested effort to improve hospital service, and necessity for correspondent strategy of hospital management in low satisfied section.
Consumer's satisfactionHospital serviceChoosing hospital
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