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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Gray matter alteration in patients with restless legs syndrome: a voxel-based morphometry study구정훈; 조용원; 장혁원
2015Clinical Decision Support System for Patients with Cardiopulmonary Function Using Image Processing박희준
2015Smart Daily Log Developed for Institutions for the Disabled박희준
2015Sub-surface Elasticity Imaging Sensor based on Bio-Optics with Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)이종하
2015Bio-Optics Based Sensation Imaging for Breast Tumor Detection Using Tissue Characterization이종하; 박희준; 김윤년
2015“Universal” vitrification of cells by ultra-fast cooling허윤석
2015만성질환자 관리를 위한 인체 삽입형 생체 센서 및 시스템 연구이종하; 박희준; 김윤년
2015Utility of a Three-Dimensional Interactive Augmented Reality Program for Balance and Mobility Rehabilitation in the Elderly: A Feasibility Study구정훈
2015Effect of hypertension on the resting-state functional connectivity in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD)구정훈
2015Human Implantable Arrhythmia Monitoring Sensor with Wireless Power and Data Transmission Technique이종하
2014Development of virtual reality proprioceptive rehabilitation system for stroke patients구정훈
2014Role of Low- and High-Frequency Oscillations in the Human Hippocampus for Encoding Environmental Novelty During a Spatial Navigation Task구정훈
2014Development of visible and NIR imaging equipment for small animals with smart pad이종하; 박희준
2014Resting-state synchrony between anterior cingulate cortex and precuneus relates to body shape concern in anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa구정훈
2014Computer-Aided Diagnosis Sensor and System of Breast Sonography: A Clinical Study이종하
2014Neural basis of anhedonia as a failure to predict pleasantness in schizophrenia구정훈
20143D printed modules for integrated microfluidic devices허윤석
2014Functional connectivity alternation of the thalamus in restless legs syndrome patients during the asymptomatic period: a resting-state connectivity study using functional magnetic resonance imaging구정훈; 조용원; 문혜진; 장혁원
2014Computer-Aided Detection with a Portable Electrocardiographic Recorder and Acceleration Sensors for Monitoring Obstructive Sleep Apnea이종하; 김동은; 김윤년
2014Elasticity Signal and Image Processing Sensor and Algorithms for Tissue Characterization이종하; 박희준; 윤혁준; 김윤년