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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Microsatellite Instability of Nuclear and Mitochondrial DNAs in Gastric CarcinogenesisJae-Ho Lee; Dae-Kwang Kim
2013The Lateral Thoracic Artery Passing Through Duplicated Axillary Vein: A Case ReportDONG-SOO KYUNG; JAE-HO LEE; DAE-KWANG KIM; IN-JANG CHOI
2012Different frequency of the absence of the palmaris longus according to assessment methods in a Korean populationDong-Soo Kyung; Jae-Ho Lee; In-Jang Choi; Dae-Kwang Kim
2012The double retro-aortic renal veinDong-Soo Kyung; Jae-Ho Lee; Deuk-Yong Shin; Dae-Kwang Kim; In-Jang Choi
2012The Frequency and Clinical Significance of Sister Chromatid Exchange in the Lymphocyte of Gastric Cancer Patient Exposed to HypoxiaJae-Ho Lee; Ki-Sang Eom; In-Ho Kim; Dae-Kyu Song; In-Jang Choi; Dae-Kwang Kim
2011Bilateral variations of the head of the digastric muscle in Korean: a case reportDong-Soo Kyung; Jae-Ho Lee; Yong-Pil Lee; Dae-Kwang Kim; In-Jang Choi
2011Association of tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) promoter polymorphisms with overweight/obesity in a Korean populationGyeong-Im Yu; Eunyoung Ha; Sung-Hee Park; Jae-Hyung Park; Hyun-Sook Jang; Jae-Hoon Bae; In-Sung Chung; Dong-Hoon Shin; Dae-Kyu Song
2010Cilostazol Effectively Reduces the Decrease of Flow Volume in a Thrombotic Anastomosis Model in a RatSang-Hyon Kim; Hyuk Won Chang; Tae Hyun Choi; Jun Hyung Kim; Daegu Son; Kihwan Han; So Young Lee; Jungbin Park; Euy-Hoon Suh; Sung-Hwan Park
2010Mitochondrial microsatellite instability in gastric cancer and gastric epithelial dysplasia as a precancerous lesionChang-Wook Jeong; Jae-Ho Lee; Soo-Sang Sohn; Seung-Wan Ryu; Dae-Kwang Kim
2008Matrix metalloproteinase-1 promoter is associated with body mass index in Korean population with aged greater or equal to 50 yearsYoung-Kyun Nho; Eunyoung Ha; Kyung-Im Yu; Joo-Ho Chung; Nam-Chang Wook; In-Sung Chung; Mi-Young Lee; Dong-Hoon Shin
2008Bilateral Variations in the Origin and Branches of the Subscapular ArteryJAE-HO LEE; DAE-KWANG KIM
2003A specific chromosome aberration in a keratoacanthomaDae-Kwang Kim; Joo-Young Kim; Hyeung-Tae Kim; Ki-Hwan Han; Dae-Gu Shon