Candida의 항진균제 감수성과 DNA특성

Candida의 항진균제 감수성과 DNA특성
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Molecular Characterization of Genomic DNA and Antifungal Susceptibility of Candida albicans
백원기서민호Won-Ki BaekMin-Ho Suh
Keimyung Author(s)
백원기; 서민호
Dept. of Microbiology (미생물학)
C. albicans; Chromosomal DNA; Restriction enzyme analysis(REA); Ras gene
Issue Date
School of Medicine
대한미생물학회 The Korean Society For Microblology, Vol.27(2) : 173-180, 1992
Twenty-six strains of Candida albicans isolated from various clinical specimens were tested for antifungal susceptibility to 5 drugs, amphotericin B(AMB), nystatin (NST), clotrimazole (CTZ), ketoconazole (KCZ) and flucytosine (5-FC). The range of minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of the drugs were as follows : AMB, 0.25-1μg/ml ; NST, 8-32μg/ml;CTZ, <0.125-4μg/ml;KCZ, <0.125-〉128μg/ml ; 5-FC, 8->1024μg/ml. 90 % MICs of the drugs to Candida albicans were 0.47μg/ml for AMB, 1.9/μg/ml for CTZ, 14.9μg/ml for NST,〉128μg/ml for KCZ and >1024μg/ml for 5-FC. Restriction enzyme analysis (REA) using restriction endonuclease BamHI was performed to characterize the genomic DNA of C. albicans in molecular aspect. The resulting gel patterns of REA revealed five intensely stained bands with ethidium bromide (8.7Kb, 7.6Kb, 6.6Kb, 6.0Kb, 3,6Kb). These intense band patterns produced three strain types (group A, B and C). Group A had 8.7Kb, 6.6Kb, 3.6Kb bands. Group B had 8.7 Kb, 6.0Kb, 3.6 Kb bands and group C had 8.7 Kb, 7.6 Kb, 3.6 Kb bands. Among the total 26 strains, 21 strains belonged to group A. Group B had 3 strains and group C consisted of 2 strains. In order to elucidate the ras oncogene expression in C. albicans, southern hybridization of BamHI digested C. albicans genomic DNA with α-32P-labeled v-Ha-ras probe prepared by nick translation was performed. The v-Ha-ras probe was hybridized to C. albicans genomic DNA at 4.9 Kb.
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