HBe항원 음성 만성간염 환자혈청에서 B형 간염 바이러스 C영역 DNA의 돌연변이 검색

HBe항원 음성 만성간염 환자혈청에서 B형 간염 바이러스 C영역 DNA의 돌연변이 검색
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Detection of Mutations in Hepatitis B Virus Core Region DNA from HBe Antigen Negative Sera of Chronic Hepatitis Patients
서민호윤성희백성덕백원기서성일박종욱최병길Min-Ho SuhSung-Hee YoonSung-Duck PaikWon-Ki BaekSeong-Il SuhJong-Wook ParkByung-Kil Choe
Keimyung Author(s)
서민호; 백원기; 서성일; 박종욱; 최병길
Dept. of Microbiology (미생물학); Dept. of Immunology (면역학); Institute for Medical Science (의과학연구소)
Hepatitis B virus; Core region DNA mutation; PCR
Issue Date
School of Medicine
대한미생물학회 The Korean Society For Microblology, Vol.30(1) : 67-76, 1995
To estimate the diagnostic and infectivity evaluation efficiency of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in chronic hepatitis B, twelve HBs antigen positive and HBe antigen negative sera from chronic hepatitis patients were tested by PCR. Serological markers were tested by ELISA. All the sera tested showed 270 bp DNA bands and were PCR positive, so PCR was proven to be a very efficient diagnostic and infectivity evaluation method in chronic hepatitis B. In order to investigate the mutations in HBe region DNA from HBe antigen negative sera of chronic hepatitis patients, PCR product DNAs were cloned into a T-vector system (pT7Blue) and the insert DNAs were identified by restriction enzyme digestion and by PCR. And the nucleotide sequences of HBe region DNA were analyzed by dideoxy-chain terminating method. In one serum tested, three point mutations were found in DNA sequences 2,119(Adenine to Thymine), 2,120(Adenine to Guanine), and 2,121 (Guanine to Thymine) resulted in two codon changes (GGA to GGT, AGT to GTT) and one amino acid change (serine to valine). In another serum tested, one point mutation was found in DNA sequence 2,062(Adenine to Guanine) resulted in one codon change (GCA to GCG). The mutations in core region DNA might alter the core protein structure and its protease function, that could results in breaking the HBe antigen production.
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