Platelets apheresis 수혈에 의한 혈소판 회복율

Platelets apheresis 수혈에 의한 혈소판 회복율
Other Titles
Efficacy of Platelets Apheresis Transfusion
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Keimyung University School of Medicine
Keimyung Medical Journal, Vol.9(1) : 23~34, 1990
To determine the relative importance of clinical factors on the efficacy of platelet transfusion; 37 random multiple-donor platelet concentrate transfusions and 91 random platelets apheresis transfusions were studied. One-hour and twenty four-hour corrected count increment(CCI) as efficacy of platelet transfusion were measured. Disease groups included acute lymphocytic leukemia; acute nonlymphocytic leukemia; aplastic anemia; immune thrombocytopenic purpua; malignant tumor and others(panperitonitis; burn; gall stone; liver cirrhosis and iron deficiency anemia). All disease groups except aplastic anemia group comparing with others group; showed significantly decreased efficacy of platelets apheresis transfusion; however there was no statistical singificance between disease groups. Patients with fever and/or splenomegaly showed significantly decreased efficacy of platelets apheresis transfusion. Patients with repeated platelet transfusion compared to patients without transfusion; showed decreased efficacy of platelet transfusion with statistical significance in fourth transfusions. In donors; after plateletpheresis using blood-cell separator(Haemonetics V50); hemoglobin level; WBC count; and platelet count were decreased 10.6%; 4.2%; and 31% respectively. And total platelet count in a platelets apheresis was approximately ten times more than in a platelet concentrate; however contaminating white blood cell count in platelets apheresis was significantly higher than in platelet concentrate. The frequency of the refractoriness to multiple-donor platelet concentrate transfusions was higher than platelets apheresis transfusion. The findings of this study suggest that understanding the factors affecting the efficacy of platelet transfusion and the use of platelets apheresis are necessary to decrease refractoriness to platelet transfusion.
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