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인공심장판막에 대한 재치환술
Keimyung Author(s)
김재현; 최세영; 유영선; 이광숙; 박창권
Dept. of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery (흉부외과학)
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Reoperations on Heart Valve Prostheses
School of Medicine
1165-1171, Vol.1998(31) : 12-12, Reoperations on Heart Valve Prostheses

Background: All currently available mechanical and bioprosthetic valves are associated with various types of deterioration leading to dysfunction and/or valvular complications. Reoperation on prosthetic heart valves is increasingly under consideration for both clinical and prophylactic indications. This review was conducted to determine the factors affecting the risk of reoperation for prosthetic valve replacement. Material and method: From January 1985 to July 1996, 124 patients underwent reoperation on prosthetic heart valves, and 3 patients had a second valve reoperation. The causes of reoperation were prosthetic valve failure(96 cases, 77.4%), prosthetic valve thrombosis(16 cases, 12.9%), prosthetic valve endocarditis(7 cases, 5.6%) and paravalvular leak(5 cases, 4.1%). This article is based on the analysis of the experience with particular emphasis on the preoperative risks affecting the outcome of the reoperation. Result: Overall hospital mortality rate was 8.9%(11/124). Low cardiac output was the most common cause of death(70.6%). Left ventricular systolic dimension(p=0.001), New York Heart Association functional class IV(p=0.003) and serum creatinine level(p=0.007) were the independent risk factors, but age, sex and cardiothoracic ratio did not have any influence on the operative mortality. Follow-up period was ranged from 3 to 141 months (mean, 50.6 months). A late mortality rate was 1.8%. Conclusion: The surgical risk of reoperation on heart valve prostheses in the advanced NYHA class patients is higher, therefore reoperation is recommended before the hemodynamic impairment become severe.
배경 : 인공판막치환술을 받은 환자에서 인공판막의 기능부전이나 합병증으로 재치환술의 빈도가 증가하고있는 추세이다. 본 논문은 인공심장판막에 대한 재치환술시 위험인자를 분석하여 향후 수술성적을 향상시키는데 도움을 얻고자 하였다. 대상 및 방법: 1985년 1월부터 1996년 7월까지 계명대학교 흉부외과학교실에서 인공심장판막질환에 대한 재치환술을 받은 124예에 대하여 술전 임상적 소견 및 수술성적을 중심으로 분석하였다. 이중 3예는 2차로 재치환술은 받은 경우였다. 심장판막재치환술의 원인으로 조직판막자체의 구조적 실패가 96례(77.4%)로 가장 많았고 판막혈전증 16례(12.9%), 심내막염 7례(5.6%), 판막주위누출 5례(4.1%)가 있었다. 결과: 심장판막재치환술의 병원사망률은 8.9%였고, 술후 사망원인으로는 저심박출증이 가장 많았다(70.6%). 생존군과 사망군의 비교에서는 NYHA functional class, 혈중 크레아티닌 수치, LVSD, 체외순환시간이 사망군에서 유의하게 높았다(p 주제어 : 인공판막; 술전 위험인자; 재치환술http://kumel.medlib.dsmc.or.kr/handle/2015.oak/29045
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