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일측폐이식 실험견에서 이식폐의 기능평가연구
Keimyung Author(s)
박창권; 이광숙; 유영선; 박원균; 권건영; 김진모; 전석길
Dept. of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery (흉부외과학); Dept. of Medical Education (의학교육학); Dept. of Pathology (병리학); Dept. of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine (마취통증의학); Dept. of Nuclear Medicine (핵의학)
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An Assessment of Allograft Function in Canine Single Lung Transplantation
School of Medicine
1096-1106, Vol.1995(28) : 12-12, An Assessment of Allograft Function in Canine Single Lung Transplantation

We experienced 7 cases of left single lung transplantation in 14 mongrel dogs and analyzed graft lung function by hemodynamics, blood gas analysis, chest X-ray, biopsy and perfusion lung scan. We performed right pulmonary artery cuff[PA cuff for analysis of graft lung function in 3 cases. The donor lungs were flushed with modified Euro-Collins solution[n=3 or low potassium dextran glucose solution[n=4 and preserved for 4 to 5 hours[n=4 or 24 hours[n=3 at 10o C and implanted to the dogs with similar weight . Assessment of left graft lung was done by occluding the right pulmonary artery for 10 minutes using PA cuff. Assessment for graft lung function was done immediately after an operation and after 3 days, 7days and 3 weeks postoperatively. Four dogs survived for 3days, 7days[2 cases and 3 weeks respectively. Other three dogs expired within 3 hours of reperfusion. Immediate perfusion scans of left lung in four survived dogs after reperfusion were 42.1%, 36% , 11% and 5.9% respectively, and another dog with 4.8% perfusion to left lung was dead due to left atrial thrombi after 3 hours reperfusion. In one case among three acute rejections follow-up perfusion scan was done on 3rd and 11th postoperative day and the result decreased from 36% perfusion immediate postoperatively to 21% and 15% respectively. Three expired dogs postoperatively couldn`t tolerate occlusion of right pulmonary artery with above 40 mmHg of mean pulmonary artery pressure. On the other hand, three survival dogs postoperatively tolerated occlusion of right pulmonay artery with less than 30 mmHg of mean pulmonary artery pressure. and one dog couldn`t tolerate same procedure immediate postopertively but in 2 hours reperfusion later tolerated with 29 mmHg of mean pulmonary artery pressure.In conclusion we couldn`t compare the effect of two flushing solutions but low potassium dextran glucose solution showed relatively safe preservation effect in cases with preservation of more than 20 hours. Also canine left single lung transplantation model with PA cuff indicated useful method for the assessment of graft lung function with effect of lung preservation.
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