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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Toxoplasma lymphadenitis caused by ingestion of raw blood and meat of deer in a 10-year-old boy김천수; 김동석; 정혜라
2018Temporal Improvement in Survival of Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma in a Hepatitis B Virus-Endemic Population.황재석
2018Mitochondrial NADP(+)-Dependent Isocitrate Dehydrogenase Deficiency Exacerbates Mitochondrial and Cell Damage after Kidney Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury김지인
2018위절제술 시 자가 통증 조절을 위한 경막외 sufentanil의 적절한 농도홍지희; 박기범; 김현지; 이지원
2018고유량 비강 산소 요법 치료의 실패를 응급실 내원 초기에 예측할 수 있는 인자전재천; 진상찬; 최우익
2018요로결석 환자에서 알부민에 대한 요시험지봉검사 양성 소견이 가지는 임상적 의의송대규
2018당뇨병 환자의 대사 수술김미경
2018미켈란젤로 미술 속의 해부학이재호
2018Anesthetic and Perioperative Management of Patient with Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria박기범
2018Complex regional pain syndrome of upper limbs caused by facial pain박기범
2018Prognostic value of TZAP expression in various cancers: TCGA data analysis이재호
2018Accessory Heads of Anterior Belly of Digastric Muscle in Korea: A Case Report이재호
2018Diagnostic accuracy of urinary biomarkers in infants younger than 3 months with urinary tract infection김준식; 김해원; 하지용; 박재현
2018A case of Jacobsen Syndrome Presenting with a Huge Cephalhematoma and Thrombocytopenia after Birth심예지; 하정숙
2018A case report of Tapia's syndrome after mastectomy and breast reconstruction under general anesthesia김현지
2018A case of incidentally found metastatic malignant melanoma with unknown primary site in congenital systemic dermal melanocytosis patient김성애; 류영욱
2018A huge thrombosed aneurysm of a saphenous vein graft leading to compression of cardiac structures: role of multimodality imaging.김인철
2018A case of good prognosis after liver transplantation for the HCC presenting initial advanced stage thereafter nodal and pulmonary metastasis but stable for 9 years강구정; 김형태; 김용훈; 안근수; 김태석
20182017 KASL HCV treatment guideline정우진
2018Attitudes toward early palliative care in cancer patients and caregivers: a Korean nationwide survey.도영록