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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Evaluation of the Effectiveness of an Alar Transfixion Suture for the Correction of a Vestibular Web and Alar-Facial Groove: A Photogrammetric Analysis.최재훈; 한기환
2018Effects of infraorbital nerve's anatomical course on the fracture pattern of the orbital floor김준형; 최재훈
2018Meta-analysis of flap perfusion and donor site complications for breast reconstruction using pedicled versus free TRAM and DIEP flaps김준형
2018Ageing of the bony orbit is a major cause of age-related intraorbital fat herniation김준형; 최재훈
2018Comparison of Pedal Soft Tissue Thickness Between Those With and Without Diabetes김준형; 이소영; 최재훈; 장혁원
2018넓은등근이 없는 환자에서 두 개의 천공지피판을 이용한 흉부 궤양의 치료: 증례보고손대구
2018Safety of Elevation from Superficial Fascial Plane versus Traditional Deep Fascial Plane for Flap Elevation in a Porcine Model손대구
2017Vessel Remodeling after Intima-to-Intima Contact Anastomosis권선영; 손대구
2017Changes in eyebrow position and movement with aging손대구
2017Modified Direct-Type Septal Extension Grafts Their Stability and Usefulness in Asian Rhinoplasty한기환; 최재훈
2017Long-term results of secondary alveolar bone grafting using a technique to harvest pure calvarial cancellous bone: Evaluation based on plain radiography and computed tomography최재훈; 손대구; 김준형; 한기환
2017Polydeoxyribonucleotide Improves Peripheral Tissue Oxygenation and Accelerates Angiogenesis in Diabetic Foot Ulcers권선영; 김준형; 최재훈
2017Scar prevention and enhanced wound healing induced by polydeoxyribonucleotide in a rat incisional wound-healing model김준형
2016Vertical Mammaplasty for Varying Degrees of Reduction손대구
2016A New Ptosis Auto Analysis System and Algorithms Based on Surface Electromyography Sensor이종하; 손대구; 김선칠
2016The Measurement of the Sensory Recovery Period in Zygoma and Blow-Out Fractures with Neurometer Current Perception Threshold최재훈; 김준형; 이소영
2016Serial changes in the proliferation and differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells after ionizing radiation오영기; 김진희; 손대구; 권선영; 류영욱
2016preoperative angiographic criteria for predicting free-flap transfer outcomes in patients with lower extremity peripheral arterial disease최재훈; 김준형
2016Long-term outcomes of simplified gingivoperiosteoplasty performed at the time of hard palatal closure: A review of 55 alveolar clefts한기환; 최재훈; 손대구
2016Induction of delayed wound healing by irradiation with optional mechanical compression in swine권선영; 손대구; 김진희