Korean nursing students' intention to migrate abroad

Eunjoo LeeMikyung Moon
Dept. of Nursing (간호학); Research Institute for Nursing Science (간호과학연구소)
Issue Date
Nurse Education Today, Vol.33(12) : 1517-1522, 2013
Background: Migration of Korean nurses has continued with changing patterns and reasons. However, detailed studies of migration among Korean nursing students are limited. Objectives: This study examined the intention, reasons, and preferences of migration among Korean nursing students. This study also identified priorities and barriers to the decision of nursing students to migrate and work abroad. Design: A descriptive study using a questionnaire was used for this study. Participants and settings: A total of 717 nursing students from four BSN programs and three diploma programs at nursing schools in D city and K province of South Korea were included in the analysis. Results: According to the results, 69.8% of respondents intended to migrate abroad, if possible, or absolutely in the future. The score for females who answered “yes, if possible” regarding the intention to migrate was significantly higher, compared to males. More than 64% of respondents eventually want to return to Korea after migration. The two most common reasons for migration were economic reason (salary) (29.7%) and “professional development (28.2%)”. Half of all respondents preferred the US as the destination country of migration (50.5%). “Working condition” was the most prevalent reason for the decision regarding the destination and the place to work. More than 71% of respondents selected “the lack of language proficiency” as a barrier to migration. Conclusions: Economic reason was not as strong as in the past to explain migration of Korean nursing students. Most Korean nursing students want to return back with professional development and higher degree. Even permanent migration and return migration of nurses are an inevitable part of globalization, positive and negative aspects of migration between donor as well as destination countries should be investigated. Keywords: Migration Nursing students Korea Intention to migrate
MigrationNursing studentsKoreaIntention to migrate
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