Early Postoperative Outcomes Between Arthroscopic and Mini-open Repair for Rotator Cuff Tears

Chul-Hyun ChoKwang-Soon SongGu-Hee JungYoung-Kuk LeeHong-Kwan Shin
Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery (정형외과학)
Issue Date
Orthopedics, Vol.35(9) : e1347-e1352, 2012
The purpose of this study was to compare early postoperative outcomes between arthroscopic and mini-open repair for rotator cuff tears smaller than 3 cm to determine whether arthroscopic repair causes less postoperative pain and allows for faster recovery of range of motion. Sixty patients scheduled for rotator cuff repair were randomized to either an arthroscopic repair group (30 patients) or a mini-open repair group (30 patients). Pain level, range of motion, shoulder stiffness, and complications were compared between the 2 groups from immediately postoperatively to 6 months postoperatively. Although no statistically significant difference was found in mean visual analog scale pain scores between the 2 groups during the 6 months postoperatively, mean visual analog scale pain score was significantly lower in the arthroscopic repair group compared with the mini-open repair group at postoperative days 1 and 2 (P5.02 and P5.04, respectively). No significant difference existed in postoperative range of motion, duration of rehabilitation, shoulder stiffness, or complications between the 2 groups; however, the use of additional analgesics in the arthroscopic repair group was significantly lower than in the mini-open repair group (P5.03). Arthroscopic and mini-open repair had equivalent clinical outcomes in the early postoperative period. The hypothesis that arthroscopic repair would cause less postoperative pain and allow faster recovery of range of motion in the early postoperative period compared with mini-open repair was not supported.
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