Effect of Anti-Oxidant (Carvedilol and Probucol) Loaded Stents in a Porcine Coronary Restenosis Model

Weon KimMyung Ho JeongKwang Soo ChaDae Woo HyunSeung Ho HurKwon Bae KimYoung Joon HongHyung Wook ParkJu Han KimYoung Keun AhnMoo Hyun KimJeong Gwan ChoJong Tae ParkJong Chun ParkJung Chaee Kang
Dept. of Internal Medicine (내과학)
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Circulation Journal, Vol.69(1) : 101-106, 2005
Background The long-term clinical efficacy of intracoronary stenting is limited by restenosis and delivery by the stent of agents inhibiting cell cycle progression should prevent in-stent neointimal hyperplasia. Carvedilol is an antioxidant that inhibits smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration, whereas probucol is a vascular protectant and reduces stent restenosis by improving the lumen dimension at the stent placement site. Methods and Results BiodivYsio® phosphorylcholine-coated stents were dip-coated with carvedilol (5 mg/ml) or probucol (50 mg/ml) by immersion in respective methanol solutions. Twenty-four stents (carvedilol =8, probucol =8, control =8) were placed in 12 pigs and histopathologic analysis was done 4 weeks later. Histomorphometry of the carvedilol-coated stent group compared with the control groups showed that the neointimal area decreased by 42% (1.12±0.55 mm2 in the carvedilol group vs 1.9240.52 mm2 in the control, p=0.004) and the lumen area increased by 20% (5.1540.90 mm2 vs 4.1740.87 mm2, p=0.008), resulting in a 43% reduction of the percent area stenosis (18.2249.6% vs 31.949.2%, p=0.002). In the probucol-coated stent group, the lumen area, neointimal area, and %area stenosis did not different significantly from the control group. There were 7.742.97% proliferating nuclear cell antigen-positive cells in the carvedilol-coated stent group compared with 17.841.45% in the control group (p=0.0001) and 15.941.91% in the probucol group (vs control, p=NS). Conclusions The carvedilol-coated stent, but not the probucol-coated one, inhibited neointimal hyperplasia in a porcine stent restenosis model.
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