Comparision of NM23-H1/NDP kinase and CD44v Expression in Human Skin Cancer: An Immunohistochemical Study

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사람 피부암에서 면역조직화학 기법에 의한 nm23-H1/NDP kinase와 CD44v의 표현비교
In Hwan LeeKyu Seok LeeSung Ik Chang
Dept. of Anatomy (해부학); Dept. of Dermatology (피부과학)
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대한해부학회지, Vol.30(5) : 475-481, 1997
Two isotypes of nm23 gene have been reported as multifunctional genes as well as CD44 gene. In tumor, both of genes, one isotype of human nm23, nm23-H1 and splice variants of surface glycoprotein CD44[CD44 v8-10], are correlated with tumor growth and metatastic potential[Keim et al., 1992 ; Dall et al., 1995]. However, the correlation of expression between these genes in tumor was not reported. In this immunohistochemical study on skin cancers, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and malignant melanoma, we intended to clarify the differences of expression on the basis of origins of skin tumors, basal cell, prickle cell, melanin producing cell, and compare the alterations of expressions between two genes in each tumor, respectively. The conclusion of this comparison is that relative parallel alteration in expressions between nm23-H1/NDP kinase and CD44 v8-10 was observed in basal cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma with inverse relation in differentiation. In squamous carcinoma, the expressions of two genes were much associated with differentiation. On the periphery of tumor, very low level of nm23-H1 protein and high level of CD44 v8-10 protein were detected.
NM23/NDP KinaseCD44Skin CancerImmunohistochemistryHuman피부암면역조직화학사람
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