F-137 Current status of NIV use in Korean ICUs: Interim analysis

Dept. of Internal Medicine (내과학)
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대한결핵및호흡기학회 추계학술발표초록집, Vol.124() : 141-141, 2017
This study, granted by the 2017 Academic Fund of the Korea Academy of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease, is a prospective observation study of NIV use in 40 Korean ICUs. The study commenced in June 2017, and a total of 52 patients were enrolled until August 31 2017. Median age was 73.0 years (64.0-79.8 years) and height was 162 cm (152.3-168 cm); body weight was 53.5kg (45.5-64.6kg). The most common cause of NIV use was acute exacerbation of COPD (n = 26, 50.0%), followed by acute hypoxemic respiratory failure (n = 11, 21.2%) and post-extubation failure (n = 11, 21.2%). The most commonly used NIV device was ICU ventilator with NIV mode (n = 25, 48.1%); dedicated NIV device (n = 17, 32.7%), and home ventilator (n = 10, 19.2%). Among ventilator circuits, double circuit was used in 25 patients (48.1%), single circuit with leak port in 26 (50.0%) patients, and single circuit with exhalation valve in one (1.9%) patients. Regarding masks, facial mask was most commonly used (n = 43, 82.7%) and helmet mask was used in 6 (11.5%) patients; nasal mask in two patients and nasal pillow in one patient. The median inspiratory positive airway pressure (IPAP) used was 15.0 cm H2O (12.0-18.0 cm H2O) and expiratory PAP was 5.0 (4.3-6.0 cm H2O); tidal volume was 407.0 ml (358.5-600 ml). Sedation was used in 9 (17.3%) patients. In terms of patient outcomes, 11 (21.2%) patients were weaned off NIV during the ICU care, and 16 (30.8%) patients were discharged home with NIV. However, 12 patients were intubated and mechanically ventilated, and 6 patients died during NIV use.
Non-invasive ventilationIntensive care unit
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