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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Up-regulation of acid-sensing ion channels in the capsule of the joint in frozen shoulderC. H. Cho; Y. M. Lho; E. Ha; I. Hwang; K. S. Song; B. W. Min; K. C. Bae; D. H. Kim
2014Effect of Immunosuppressive Drugs on the Metalloproteinase in the Glioma Cells and OsteoblastsKyo Cheol Mun
2014Ciglitazone enhances ovarian cancer cell death via inhibition of glucose transporter-1So Jin Shin; Jin Young Kim; Sun Young Kwon; Kyo-Cheol Mun; Chi Heum Cho; Eunyoung Ha
2012MicroRNA-513a-5p mediates TNF-α and LPS induced apoptosis via downregulation of X-linked inhibitor of apoptotic protein in endothelial cellsSojin Shin; Kyo Chul Moon; Keon Uk Park; Eunyoung Ha
2012Anti-inflammatory effect of quetiapine on collagen-induced arthritis of mouseHyeongseok Kim; Jihye Bang; Hyuk Won Chang; Jin Young Kim; Keon Uk Park; Sang-Hyon Kim; Kyung-Jae Lee; Chul-Hyun Cho; Ilseon Hwang; Sung Dong Park; Eunyoung Ha; Sung-Won Jung
2012Association of promoter region single nucleotide polymorphisms at positions -819C/T and -592C/A of interleukin 10 gene with ischemic heart diseaseGyeong-Im Yu; Ho-Chan Cho; Yun-Kyeong Cho; Hyoung-Seob Park; Hyuck-Jun Yoon; Hyung-Seop Kim; Chang-Wook Nam; Yoon-Nyun Kim; Kwon-Bae Kim; Eunyoung Ha; Dong-Hoon Shin; Seung-Ho Hur
2011Association of tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) promoter polymorphisms with overweight/obesity in a Korean populationGyeong-Im Yu; Eunyoung Ha; Sung-Hee Park; Jae-Hyung Park; Hyun-Sook Jang; Jae-Hoon Bae; In-Sung Chung; Dong-Hoon Shin; Dae-Kyu Song
2011Carbamylated low-density lipoprotein increases reactive oxygen species (ROS) and apoptosis via lectin-like oxidized LDL receptor (LOX-1) mediated pathway in human umbilical vein endothelial cellsJung Nam Son; Yunmee Lho; Sojin Shin; Sang-Hoon Kwon; Kyo Cheol Moon; Eunyoung Ha
2010Differential effects of 5-fluorouracil on glucose transport and expressions of glucose transporter proteins in gastric cancer cellsHye-Jin Won; Tae Kyung Ha; Sung Joon Kwon; Hong Yon Cho; Sook-Jin Hur; Hyung-Hwan Baik; Seong-Il Suh; Eunyoung Ha; Yong Ho Kim
2009TNFα promoter polymorphism is a risk factor for susceptibility in hepatocellular carcinoma in Korean populationKang Wook Jung; Eunyoung Ha; Gyeong Im Yu; Sung Jin Kim; Woo Jin Chung; Byoung Kuk Jang; Jung Jeung Lee; Dong Hoon Shin; Jae Seok Hwang
2009말기신부전 환자에서 Cytokine 발현성정훈; 하은영; 김여희; 최혜정; 손정남; 황은아; 한승엽; 박성배; 김현철; 문교철
2009Cisplatin에 의해 유도된 신장 손상시의 유전자 발현백철민; 곽춘식; 하은영; 김여희; 최혜정; 황은아; 박성배; 김현철; 문교철
2009신장에서 cisplatin이 활성산소 대사에 미치는 영향백철민; 곽춘식; 하은영; 김여희; 최혜정; 황은아; 박성배; 김현철; 문교철
2009Detection of cyanate, nitrate and carbamylated proteins in the peritoneal dialysateHyun Chul Kim; Sung Bae Park; Sung Yeup Han; Eun A Hwang; Hye Jung Choi; Son Jung Nam; Eunyoung Ha; You Hee Kim; Kyo Cheol Mun
2009조골세포에서 시안산에 의한 유전자 발현성정훈; 하은영; 손정남; 황은아; 박성배; 문교철
2009기초의학 교육과정 개선방안 조사배재훈; 문교철
2008Matrix metalloproteinase-1 promoter is associated with body mass index in Korean population with aged greater or equal to 50 yearsYoung-Kyun Nho; Eunyoung Ha; Kyung-Im Yu; Joo-Ho Chung; Nam-Chang Wook; In-Sung Chung; Mi-Young Lee; Dong-Hoon Shin
2006Streptozotocin에 의해 유도된 당뇨 쥐의 췌장에 대한 Melatonin의 효과이리라; 문교철; 최혜정; 한승엽; 김상표
2005Ciglitizone inhibits cell proliferation in human uterine leiomyoma via activation of store-operated Ca2+ channelsByoung Ywong Kim; Chi-Heum Cho; Dae-Kyu Song; Kyo-Cheol Mun; Seong-Il Suh; Sang-Pyo Kim; Dong-Hoon Shin; Byeong-Churl Jang; Taeg Kyu Kwon; Soon-Do Cha; Insoo Bae; Jae Hoon Bae
2005INHIBITORY EFFECTS OF GLUCOSAMINE ON LIPOPOLYSACCHARIDE-INDUCED ACTIVATION IN MICROGLIAL CELLSHyon-Ah Yi; Sang-Doe Yi; Byeong-Churl Jang; Dae-Kyu Song; Dong-Hoon Shin; Kyo-Chul Mun; Sang-Pyo Kim; Seong-Il Suh; Jae Hoon Bae