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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Is Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number Associated with Clinical Characteristics and Prognosis in Gastric Cancer?Hyunsu Lee; Jae-Ho Lee; Dong-Choon Kim; IlSeon Hwang; Yu-Na Kang; Gi-Jeong Gwon; In-Jang Choi; Shin Kim
2015The Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Trichostatin A Sensitizes Human Renal Carcinoma Cells to TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis through Down-egulation of c-FLIPMin Ho Han; Cheol Park; Taek Kyu Kwon; Gi-Young Kim; Wun-Jae Kim; Sang Hoon Hong; Young Hyun Yoo; Yung Hyun Choi
20156-Shogaol enhances renal carcinoma Caki cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis through reactive oxygen species-mediated cytochrome c release and down-regulation of c-FLIP(L) expressionMin Ae Han; Seon Min Woo; Kyoung-jin Min; Shin Kim; Jong-Wook Park; Dong Eun Kim; Sang Hyun Kim; Yung Hyun Choi; Taeg Kyu Kwon
2015SG-HQ2 inhibits mast cell-mediated allergic inflammation through suppression of histamine release and pro-inflammatory cytokinesIn-Gyu Je; Hui-Hun Kim; Pil-Hoon Park; Taeg Kyu Kwon; Seung-Yong Seo; Tae-Yong Shin; Sang-Hyun Kim
2015Morin, a Flavonoid from Moraceae, Induces Apoptosis by Induction of BAD Protein in Human Leukemic CellsCheol Park; Won Sup Lee; Se-Il Go; Arulkumar Nagappan; Min Ho Han; Su Hyun Hong; Gon Sup Kim; Gi Young Kim; Taeg Kyu Kwon; Chung Ho Ryu; Sung Chul Shin; Yung Hyun Choi
2014Suppression of tumorigenesis in mitochondrial NADP+-dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase knock-out miceSeontae Kim; Sung Youl Kim; Hyeong Jun Ku; Yong Hyun Jeon; Ho Won Lee; Jaetae Lee; Taeg Kyu Kwon; Kwon Moo Park; Jeen-Woo Park
2014Inhibition of adipogenesis and leptin production in 3T3-L1 adipocytes by a derivative of meridianin CYu-Kyoung Park; Tae-Yoon Lee; Jong-Soon Choi; Victor Sukbong Hong; Jinho Lee; Jong-Wook Park; Byeong-Churl Jang
2014Complexity in Regulation of microRNA Machinery Components in Invasive Breast CarcinomaSun Young Kwon; Jae-ho Lee; Bora Kim; Jong-Wook Park; Taeg Kyu Kwon; Sun Hee Kang; Shin Kim
2014Axl is a novel target of withaferin A in the induction of apoptosis and the suppression of invasionSeon Min Woo; Kyoung-jin Min; Shin Kim; Jong-Wook Park; Dong Eun Kim; Sang Hyun Kim; Yung Hyun Choi; Taeg Kyu Kwon
2014Synthesis and anti-proliferative activity evaluation of N3-acyl-N5-aryl-3,5-diaminoindazole analogues as anti-head and neck cancer agentJinho Lee; Jina Kim; Victor Sukbong Hong; Jong-Wook Park
2014Antipsychotic agent thioridazine sensitizes renal carcinoma Caki cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis through reactive oxygen species-mediated inhibition of Akt signaling and downregulation of Mcl-1 and c-FLIP(L)K-j Min; BR Seo; YC Bae; YH Yoo; TK Kwon
2014Cafestol overcomes ABT-737 resistance in Mcl-1-overexpressed renal carcinoma Caki cells through downregulation of Mcl-1 expression and upregulation of Bim expressionSM Woo; K-j Min; BR Seo; J-O Nam; KS Choi; YH Yoo; TK Kwon
2014β-Lapachone induces programmed necrosis through the RIP1-PARP-AIF-dependent pathway in human hepatocellular carcinoma SK-Hep1 cellsEJ Park; K-j Min; T-J Lee; YH Yoo; Y-S Kim; TK Kwon
2014Silibinin induces apoptosis of HT29 colon carcinoma cells through early growth response-1 (EGR-1)-mediated non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug-activated gene-1 (NAG-1) up-regulationSeon Min Woo; Kyoung-jin Min; Shin Kim; Jong-Wook Park; Dong Eun Kim; Kyung-Soo Chun; Young Ho Kim; Tae-Jin Lee; Sang Hyun Kim; Yung Hyun Choi; Jong-Soo Chang; Taeg Kyu Kwon
2014Dicoumarol sensitizes renal cell carcinoma Caki cells toTRAIL-induced apoptosis through down-regulation of Bcl-2, Mcl-1 and c-FLIP in a NQO1-independent mannerEun Jung Park; Kyoung-jin Min; Kyeong Sook Choi; Taeg Kyu Kwon
2014FPDHP, a novel anticancer agent, induces cell detachment and caspase-dependent apoptosis in Caki cellsJUN SOO PARK; WAN TAE KIM; SHIN KIM; TAEG KYU KWON; BYEONG-CHURL JANG; EUNG-SEOK LEE; JONG WOOK PARK
2014BAI, a novel Cdk inhibitor, enhances farnesyltransferase inhibitor LB42708-mediated apoptosis in renal carcinoma cells through the downregulation of Bcl-2 and c-FLIP (L)JI HOON JANG; YOON CHUL CHO; KI HO KIM; KYUNG SEOP LEE; JINHO LEE; DONG EUN KIM; JUN-SOO PARK; BYEONG-CHURL JANG; SHIN KIM; TAEG KYU KWON; JONG-WOOK PARK
2014Anticancer effects and molecular mechanisms of epigallocatechin-3-gallateKyoung-jin Min; Taeg Kyu Kwon
2014Improved application of the electrophoretic tissue clearing technology, CLARITY, to intact solid organs including brain, pancreas, liver, kidney, lung, and intestineHyunsu Lee; Jae-Hyung Park; Incheol Seo; Sun-Hyun Park; Shin Kim