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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Calreticulin Exon 9 Mutations in Myeloproliferative NeoplasmsJung-Sook Ha; Yu-Kyung Kim
2015First Case of Pulmonary Mycobacterium parascrofulaceum Infection in a Patient With Bronchiectasis in KoreaKyoung-Bo Kim; Sung-Gyun Park; Jae-Seok Park; Wonmok Lee; Jung-Sook Ha; Nam-Hee Ryoo; Dong-Seok Jeon; Jae-Ryong Kim
2015Up-regulation of MicroRNA 146b is Associated with Myelofibrosis in Myeloproliferative NeoplasmaJung-Sook Ha; Hye-Ra Jung
2015Neisseria skkuensis에 의한 급성 봉와직염 1예Sung-Gyun Park; Kyoung-Bo Kim; Wonmok Lee; Jung-Sook Ha; Namhee Ryoo; Dong-Seok Jeon; Jae-Ryong Kim; Hyun-Ah Kim; Seong-Yeol Ryu
2014Analysis of the Ten-Eleven Translocation2 (TET2) Gene Mutaion in Myeloproliferative NeoplasmsJung-Sook Ha; Jae-Ryong Kim; Nam-Hee Ryoo; Jang-Soo Suh; Dong-Seok Jeon
2014Is the Environment of the Endoscopy Unit a Reservoir of Pathogens?Eun Sung Choi; Jae Hyuk Choi; Jung Min Lee; Sang Min Lee; Yoo Jin Lee; Yu Jin Kang; Eun Soo Kim; Kwang Bum Cho; Kyung Sik Park; Byoung Kuk Jang; Jae Seok Hwang; Woo Jin Chung; Nam Hee Ryoo; Seong Woo Jeon; Min Kyu Jung
2014A case of myelodysplastic syndrome with a der(1;18)(q10;q10) translocationJung-Sook Ha; Dong-Suk Jeon
2013Two Cases of Partial Trisomy 4p and Partial Trisomy 14qYeo-Hyang Kim; Heung-Sik Kim; Jung-Sook Ha; Nam-Hee Ryoo
2013심뇌혈관 환자에서 Asprin 및 Clopidorel 저항군과 반응군 간 혈액학적 지표 비교이재희; 박성균; 김경보; 이원목; 하정숙; 류남희; 전동석; 김재룡
2013A Multicentre Study about Pattern and Organisms Isolated in Follow-up Blood CulturesJeong Hwan Shin; Eui Chong Kim; Sunjoo Kim; Eun-Ha Koh; Dong-Hyun Lee; Sun-Hoi Koo; Ji-Hyun Cho; Jae-Seok Kim; Nam Hee Ryoo
2012CAPD 환자에서 발생한 유색진균 Phialemonium obovatum 에 의한 진균성 복막염여상목; 박성배; 김상진; 백진혁; 김예림; 장미현; 황은아; 한승엽; 류남희; 신종희
2011Hereditary Spherocytosis Across Four Generations of the Single FamilyKwang Kuk Son; Jung Sook Ha; Dong Seok Jeon; Ji Yoon Kim; Heung Sik Kim
2011Possible new LNK mutations in myeloproliferative neoplasmsJung-Sook Ha; Dong-Seok Jeon
2010Kimura’s Disease in the Upper Extremity - A Case ReportKwang Soon Song; Misun Choe; Hye Ra Jung; Jung Sook Ha; Sung Moon Lee
2010Effects of Lipopolysaccharide on T helper 2 Cytokine Expression in Adult Atopic PatientsJung Sook Ha; Byung Hoon Ahn
2010불임증 427례에 대한 세포유전학적 분석: 단일 기관 연구김도훈; 하정숙
2010Nasal Carriage of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Healthcare WorkersNam Hee Ryoo; Jung Sook Ha; Seong Yeol Ryu; Chun Soo Kim; Ki Young Kwon; Soon Im Choi
2010Genetic Variation of Genes Involved in Dihydrotestosterone Metabolism and the Risk of Prostate CancerSunita R. Setlur; Chen X. Chen; Ruhella R. Hossain; Jung Sook Ha; Vanessa E. Van Doren; Birgit Stenzel; Eberhard Steiner; Derek Oldridge; Naoki Kitabayashi; Samprit Banerjee; Jin Yun Chen; Georg Schäfer; Wolfgang Horninger; Charles Lee; Mark A. Rubin; Helmut Klocker; Francesca Demichelis
2009자궁경부암 선별검사로서 인유두종바이러스 DNA 검사의 임상적 유용성김지혜; 류남희; 하정숙; 전동석; 김재룡; 조치흠
2009Candida haemulonii and Closely Related Species at 5 University Hospitals in Korea: Identification, Antifungal Susceptibility, and Clinical FeaturesMi-Na Kim; Jong Hee Shin; Heungsup Sung; Kyungwon Lee; Eui-Chong Kim; Namhee Ryoo; Jin-Sol Lee; Sook-In Jung; Kyung Hwa Park; Seung Jung Kee; Soo Hyun Kim; Myung Geun Shin; Soon Pal Suh; Dong Wook 꾜뭏