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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Bickerstaff's brainstem encephalitis presenting with generalized pan-autonomic dysfunction김현아; 이형
2016Detailed relationship between the pattern of blood pressure change during the Valsalva maneuver and the degree of orthostatic hypotension during the head-up tilt test in patients with orthostatic intolerance: A retrospective case-control study김현아; 이현아; 홍정호; 이형
2016Effect and Safety of Rosuvastatin in Acute Ischemic Stroke손성일
2016Endovascular Therapy in Acute Ischemic Stroke Challenges and Transition From Trials to Bedside손성일
2016Failure of fixation suppression of spontaneous nystagmus in cerebellar infarction: frequency, pattern and a possible structure김현아; 이현아; 이형
2016Generalized pan-autonomic filure as a presenting sign of Bickerstaff's brainstem encephalitis김현아; 이형
2016Orthostatic hypertension: An underestimated cause of orthostatic intolerance이형; 김현아
2016Orthostatic hypotension in acute cerebellar infarction김현아; 이형
2016Prediction of mortality and functional outcome from status epilepticus and independent external validation of STESS and EMSE scores문혜진; 조용원
2016Prognostic value of trans-thoracic echocardiography in patients with acute stroke and atrial fibrillation: findings from the RAF study손성일
2016Protective effect of resveratrol against neuronal damage following transient global cerebral ischemia in mice홍정호; 이형; 이성용
2016Protocol based real-time continuous electroencephalography for detecting vasospasm in subarachnoid hemorrhange홍정호
2016Relation between subcortical grey matter atrophy and conversion from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's disease이현아
2016The future of endovascular treatment: Insights from the ESCAPE investigators김창현; 손성일
2016Two subtypes of positional obstructive sleep apnea: Supine-predominant and supine-isolated조용원; 김동은; 황상희; 김근태
2016한국 성인에서 렘수면의존폐쇄수면무호흡증 환자의 임상양상문혜진; 조용원; 김동은; 황상희
2015경추 척수증과 동반된 Flail Arm Syndrome 환자의 수술적 치료손은석; 임정근; 김두환
2015MRI 상 가역적 편측 해마 병변을 보인 저혈당성 뇌병증이현아; 이형
2015Retinal and Choroidal Changes and Visual Outcome in Central Retinal Artery Occlusion: An Optical Coherence Tomography Study홍정호
2015Protection of pancreatic β-cells against glucotoxicity by short-term treatment with GLP-1박재형; 송대규; 배기철; 임정근