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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Predisposing Factors and Clinical Impact of Linear Intracrania l Calcification Following External Ventricular Drainage이창영
2016Does C5 or C6 Radiculopathy Affect the Signal Intensity of the Brachial Plexus on Magnetic Resonance Neurography?김두환; 김인수; 손은석
2016Intra-Arterial Therapy and Post-Treatment Infarct Volumes, Insights From the ESCAPE Randomized Controlled Trial김창현; 손성일
2016Long-term outcomes of surgery and radiotherapy for secreting and non-secreting pituitary adenoma김진희; 오영기; 김엘
2016Spectrum of neurosurgeon's role in epilepsy surgery손은익
2016The future of endovascular treatment: Insights from the ESCAPE investigators김창현; 손성일
2015Randomized Assessment of Rapid Endovascular Treatment of Ischemic Stroke손성일; 김창현; 이창영
2015The Effectiveness of Additional Treatment Modalities after the Failure of Recanalization by Thrombectomy Alone in Acute Vertebrobasilar Arterial Occlusion손성일; 홍정호; 장혁원; 이창영; 김창현
2015Incidence and Risk Factors for Rebleeding during Cerebral Angiography for Ruptured Intracranial Aneurysms김창현
2015Independent Predictors for Recurrence of Chronic Subdural Hematoma김엘
2015Very late stent thrombosis following the placement of a crossing Y-stent with dual closed-cell stents for the coiling of a wide-necked aneurysm이창영; 김창현
2015A lotus root-like appearance in carotid stenosis on optical coherence tomography장혁원; 윤혁준; 홍정호; 손성일; 김창현; 이창영
2014면역 정상인에서 발생한 두경부의 침습성 아스페르길루스증 1례김현아; 류성열; 정혜라; 김엘
2014라스케열 낭종 졸중김엘
2014Intracranial Hemorrhage in the Corpus Callosum Presenting as Callosal Disconnection Syndrome: FDG-PET and Tractography: A Case Report이소영; 이동규; 이창영
2014Aneurysmal Bone Cyst in the Temporal Bone and Complete Resection with Preoperative Embolization A Case Report장혁원; 정혜라; 김상표; 김엘; 손성일
2014The impact of stent design on the structural mechanics of the crossing Y-stent: an in vitro study이창영; 김창현
2014True aneurysms of the superficial temporal artery: Diagnosis and treatment김엘
2014The management of traumatic scalp pseudoaneurysms with manual or US-guided compression장혁원; 김상표; 김엘; 손성일; 조용원; 이형
2014Emerging Surgical Strategies of Intractable Frontal Lobe Epilepsy with Cortical Dysplasia in Terms of Extent of Resection손은익; 김상표