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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Predisposing Factors and Clinical Impact of Linear Intracrania l Calcification Following External Ventricular DrainageYoon Gyo Jung; Chang Young Lee
2014Intracranial Hemorrhage in the Corpus Callosum Presenting as Callosal Disconnection Syndrome: FDG-PET and Tractography: A Case ReportIn Hwan Kim; Soyoung Lee; Chang-Young Lee; Dong Gyu Lee
2014True aneurysms of the superficial temporal artery: Diagnosis and treatmentEalmaan Kim
2014Aneurysmal Bone Cyst in the Temporal Bone and Complete Resection with Preoperative Embolization A Case ReportBYOUNG JE KIM; EUN JU LEE; HYUK WON CHANG; HAE RA JUNG; EALMAAN KIM; SUNG IL SOHN; SANG PYO KIM
2014라스케열 낭종 졸중김일만
2014면역 정상인에서 발생한 두경부의 침습성 아스페르길루스증 1례김현아; 정혜라; 김일만; 류성열
2014The management of traumatic scalp pseudoaneurysms with manual or US-guided compressionEun Joo Lee; Joo Hwan Kim; Hyuk Won Chang; Young Eun Bahn; Ealmaan Kim; Sang Pyo Kim; Sung il Sohn; Yong Won Cho; Hyung Lee
2013라스케열낭종의 황색육아종성 변화 1례김일만
2013대뇌 피질 동맥 기원의 비 외상성경막하혈종이태영; 장혁원; 김창현; 손성일; 김일만; 이창영
2013급성뇌경색으로 IV tPA 치료 중 발생한 급성경부통증의 원인으로 의심되는 자발성척추경막외혈종 1례김진영; 장혁원; 김창현; 손성일; 김성진; 이창영
2012경접형동 뇌하수체 수술에 합병된 뇌지주막하 출혈 1례김일만
2012Management of Complex Cerebral AneurysmMan-Bin Yim
2012Transvenous Embolization of Venous Pouch Alone for the Treatment of Cavernous Dural Arteriovenous FistulaChang Young Lee
2012척추수술이 필요한 환자에서의 골다공증의 유병률 및 골밀도 검사의 필요성권재은; 김인수
2012경피적 척추성형술 후 추가 골절발생의 임상적 분석김인수
2011Intracranial Hypotension Following Lumbar DrainageEalmaan Kim
2010Expression of neuronal antigens and related ventral and dorsal proteins in the normal spinal cord and a surgically induced open neural tube defect of the spine in chick embryos: an immunohistochemical studyDo-Hun Lee; Ji Hoon Phi; You-Nam Chung; Yun-Jin Lee; Seung-Ki Kim; Byung-Kyu Cho; Dong Won Kim; Moon-Sik Park; Kyu-Chang Wang
2010Rare variant of persistent primitive hypoglssal artery in magnetic resonance angiographyEun Joo Lee; Hyuk Won Chang; Chul Hyun Cho; Ealmaan Kim; Sang Kwon Lee; Jung Hyuk Kwon
2009전두엽하 신경초종: 증례 보고김주환; 노병학; 장혁원; 임만빈; 김상표
2007Stent Conformity in Curved Vascular Models with Simulated Aneurysm Necks Using Flat-Panel CT: An in Vitro StudyN. Ebrahimia; B. Clausb; C.-Y. Leed; A. Biondic; G. Benndorfd