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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015경추 척수증과 동반된 Flail Arm Syndrome 환자의 수술적 치료손은석; 임정근; 김두환
2015특발성 신경통성 근위축증 환자에서 자기공명영상 소견손은석; 김두환
2015Aneurysmal Bone Cyst Involving the Metacarpal Bone in a Child송광순; 배기철; 손은석; 이시욱
2015Subtrochanteric Femur Fracture After Removal of Screws for Femoral Neck Fracture in a Child송광순; 이시욱
2015Surgical Correction in Patients with Lumbar Degenerative Kyphosis Who Had Low Bone Mineral Density: An Analysis of 40 Patients with a Minimum Follow-Up of Two Years손은석
2015Three Different Methods in Deformity Correction of Degenerative Flat Back: A Single Surgeon's Experience with 64 Consecutive Cases손은석
2015Protection of pancreatic β-cells against glucotoxicity by short-term treatment with GLP-1박재형; 송대규; 배기철; 임정근
2015Expert tibia nail for subtrochanteric femoral fracture to prevent thermal injury이경재; 민병우
2015Gender Affects Early Postoperative Outcomes of Rotator Cuff Repair조철현
2015Nonsurgical Treatment Strategies after Osteoporotic Hip Fractures민병우; 송광순; 배기철; 조철현; 손은석; 이경재
2015Up-regulation of acid-sensing ion channels in the capsule of the joint in frozen shoulder조철현; 송광순; 민병우; 배기철; 하은영; 황일선; 김두환
2015Carbamylated low-density lipoprotein attenuates glucose uptake via a nitric oxide-mediated pathway in rat L6 skeletal muscle cells문교철; 하은영; 이경재; 황은아
2015Factors determining cervical spine sagittal balance in asymptomatic adults: correlation with spinopelvic balance and thoracic inlet alignment손은석
2015Clinical Outcomes of Rotator Cuff Repair With Arthroscopic Capsular Release and Manipulation for Rotator Cuff Tear With Stiffness: A Matched-Pair Comparative Study Between Patients With and Without Stiffness조철현; 배기철; 이시욱; 황일선
2015Classic Floating Elbow in Adults - A Case Series조철현
2015원위 요골 골절과 동반된 수근부 손상: 단순 방사선 및 컴퓨터 단층 촬영을 통한 후향적 분석조철현; 손은석
2015Effect of a Sleep Aid in Analgesia after Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair조철현; 이시욱; 황일선
2014골수강 내 금속정을 이용하여 치료한 경골 골절의 골절부위에 따른 치료 결과배기철
2014병적 골절이 동반된 월상골 골내 결절종조철현; 이시욱
2014Complicated Acromioclavicular Joint Cyst With Massive Rotator Cuff Tear조철현