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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Novel Reconstructive Methods of the Conchal Central Strut Using an Absorbable Plate After Total Harvesting of the Conchal CartilageHan, Kihwan; Kim, Jinhan; Kim, Junhyung; Son, Daegu; Kim, Sukwha; Choi, Tae Hyun
2015Regulation of Transforming Growth Factor β1, Platelet-Derived Growth Factor, and Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor by Silicone Gel Sheeting in Early-Stage ScarringJaehoon Choi; Eun Hee Lee; Sang Woo Park; Hak Chang
2014Modified Seromuscular Patch Flap for Reinforcing an Anastomosis Site in Hypopharyngeal Reconstruction Using Free Jejunal Transfer An Anatomical and Clinical StudyJaehoon Choi; Hak Chang; Kyung Won Minn; Nobuaki Imanishi; Sadakazu Aiso; Hyoun Wook Lee
2014The Effect of Centrifugation Condition on Mature Adipocytes and Adipose Stem Cell ViabilityDaegu Son; Taehyun Choi; Hyeonjung Yeo; Junhyung Kim; Kihwan Han
2014An Anthropometric and Three-Dimensional Computed Tomographic Evaluation of Two-Point Fixation of Zygomatic Complex FracturesTaehee Jo; Junhyung Kim
2013Anatomical and Functional Recovery of Neurotized Remnant Rectus Abdominis Muscle in Muscle-Sparing Pedicled Transverse Rectus Abdominis Musculocutaneous FlapWoonhyeok Jeong; Daegu Son; Hyeonjung Yeo; Hoijoon Jeong; Junhyung Kim; Kihwan Han; Soyoung Lee
2013Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer Using Matriderm In Comparison with a Skin GraftHyojin Jeon; Junhyung Kim; Hyeonjung Yeo; Hoijoon Jeong; Daegu Son; Kihwan Han
2013Evaluation of an Amniotic Membrane-Collagen Dermal Substitute in the Management of Full-Thickness Skin Defects in a PigHyunji Kim; Daegu Son; Tae Hyun Choi; Samhyun Jung; Sunyoung Kwon; Junhyung Kim; Kihwan Han
2013Experimental pig model of clinically relevant wound healing delay by intrinsic factorsYoungjin Jung; Daegu Son; Sunyoung Kwon; Junhyung Kim; Kihwan Han
2012Treatment of Axillary Osmidrosis Using a Subcutaneous Pulsed Nd-YAG LaserDaejin Kim; Junhyung Kim; Hyeonjung Yeo; Hyukjun Kwon; Daegu Son; Kihwan Han
2012Large Auricular Chondrocutaneous Composite Graft for Nasal Alar and Columellar ReconstructionDaegu Son; Minho Kwak; Sangho Yun; Hyeonjung Yeo; Junhyung Kim; Kihwan Han
2011Reconstruction of Defects After Excision of Facial Skin Cancer Using a Venous Free FlapSang-Woo Park; Eun-Phil Heo; Jae-Hoon Choi; Ho-Chan Cho; Sang-Hyon Kim; Lianji Xu; Yoonho Lee; Tae-Hyun Choi; Sukwha Kim
2011일측구순열변형에서 이갑개연골이식술을 이용한 상구순 함몰의 교정Kihwan Han; Sangho Yun; Hyunjung Yeo; Junhyung Kim; Daegu Son; 한기환; 윤상호; 여현정; 김준형; 손대구
2011돼지모델에서 상처의 모양과 부위에 따른 상처수축의 특성추호준; 손대구; 권선영; 김준형; 한기환; Hojun Chu; Daegu Son; Sunyoung Kwon; Junhyung Kim; Kihwan Han
2011An Anatomical Study of the Saphenous Nerve, Artery, and Artery Perforators Within the Thigh Using Cadaveric DissectionSan Ha Lee; Tae Hyun Choi; Suk Wha Kim; Lianji Xu; Chul-Ho Sohn; Ki Hwan Han; Dae Gu Son; Jun Hyung Kim; Jong Won Rhie
2011Percutaneous Selective Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation for Glabellar Frown LinesJun Hyung Kim; Jin Wook Jeong; Daegu Son; Kihwan Han; So Young Lee; Tae Hyun Choi; David W. Chang
2010Intratarsal Fixation at the Same Level as the Skin Incision to Reduce Asymmetric Double EyelidsKihwan Han; Hyeonjung Yeo; Tae Hyun Choi; Daegu Son; Jun Hyung Kim
2010Viability of Fat Cells Over Time After Syringe Suction Lipectomy The Effects of CryopreservationDaegu Son; Jaehoon Oh; Taehyun Choi; Junhyung Kim; Kihwan Han; Seongyun Ha; Kyungho Lee
2010Cilostazol Effectively Reduces the Decrease of Flow Volume in a Thrombotic Anastomosis Model in a RatSang-Hyon Kim; Hyuk Won Chang; Tae Hyun Choi; Jun Hyung Kim; Daegu Son; Kihwan Han; So Young Lee; Jungbin Park; Euy-Hoon Suh; Sung-Hwan Park
2009Comparison of Endoscopic Endonasal Reduction and Transcaruncular Reduction for the Treatment of Medial Orbital Wall FracturesKihwan Han; Jae Hoon Choi; Tae Hyun Choi; Sea Yuong Jeon; Jun Sik Kim; Nam Gyun Kim; Kyung Suk Lee; Daegu Son; Jun Hyung Kim; Sang-Hyon Kim; Dawon Kang; Jungbin Park