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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Novel Reconstructive Methods of the Conchal Central Strut Using an Absorbable Plate After Total Harvesting of the Conchal Cartilage한기환; 김준형; 손대구
2015Regulation of Transforming Growth Factor β1, Platelet-Derived Growth Factor, and Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor by Silicone Gel Sheeting in Early-Stage Scarring최재훈
2015MRI molecular imaging using GLUT1 antibody-Fe3O4 nanoparticles in the hemangioma animal model for differentiating infantile hemangioma from vascular malformation김상현; 최재훈
2015Curvilinear Transformation of Z-Shaped Upper Lip Scar by Diamond-Shaped Excision in Secondary Cleft Lip Deformities: A Photogrammetric Evaluation한기환; 김준형; 손대구; 최태현
2015Radiation Therapy Following Total Keloidectomy: A Retrospective Study over 11 Years손대구; 김진희
2015The Usefulness of Leukosan SkinLink for Simple Facial Laceration Repair in the Emergency Department김준형; 최재훈
2015Asian Rhinoplasty: Correction of the Short Nose with a Septal Integration Graft한기환
2015Apocrine Carcinoma of the Axilla Associated with Extramammary Paget’s Disease: A Case Report and Review of the Literature정혜라; 권선영; 손대구
2015Minimal Incision Suction-Assisted Excision of a Large Epidermal Cyst김준형; 최재훈
2015Are Differences in External Noses Between Whites and Koreans Caused by Differences in the Nasal Septum?최재훈; 김준형
2015Does upper blepharoplasty affect frontalis tonicity?손대구; 이소영
2014Modified Seromuscular Patch Flap for Reinforcing an Anastomosis Site in Hypopharyngeal Reconstruction Using Free Jejunal Transfer An Anatomical and Clinical Study최재훈
2014The Effect of Centrifugation Condition on Mature Adipocytes and Adipose Stem Cell Viability손대구; 김준형; 한기환
2014An Anthropometric and Three-Dimensional Computed Tomographic Evaluation of Two-Point Fixation of Zygomatic Complex Fractures김준형
2014Changes of Eyebrow Muscle Activity with Aging: Functional Analysis Revealed by Electromyography손대구; 김준형; 한기환; 이소영
2014Static Langer's line and wound contraction rates according to anatomical regions in a porcine model손대구; 김준형; 한기환
2014Are gender differences in external noses caused by differences in nasal septal growth?최재훈
2014Overview of Surgical Scar Prevention and Management손대구
2014Influence of congenital facial nerve palsy on craniofacial growth in craniofacial microsomia최재훈; 김상현
2013Anatomical and Functional Recovery of Neurotized Remnant Rectus Abdominis Muscle in Muscle-Sparing Pedicled Transverse Rectus Abdominis Musculocutaneous Flap손대구; 김준형; 한기환; 이소영