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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017한국인의 악력 평가를 위한 예측 모형 개발: 2014-2015년 국민건강영양조사를 바탕으로정인성; 이미영
2016의과대학 교수와 학생, 학부모가 인식하는 졸업성과 중요도의 차이박원균; 신동훈; 김재범
2016소규모사업장 근로자의 뇌심혈관질환 발병위험도에 대한 사후관리의 효과정인성; 이미영
2015Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory as related factor for post traumatic stress disorder symptoms according to job stress level in experienced firefighters: 5-year study정인성; 이미영; 정성원; 남창욱
2015Genome-Wide Association Meta-analysis Identifies Novel Variants Associated With Fasting Plasma Glucose in East Asians신동훈
2015Usefulness of combined intravascular ultrasound parameters to predict functional significance of coronary artery stenosis and determinants of mismatch조윤경; 남창욱; 윤혁준; 허승호; 김권배; 정인성
2015Association of interleukin-10 promoter region polymorphisms with risk factors of Atherosclerosis신동훈; 정인성; 전상은; 조호찬
2015The cross-sectional relationship between dietary calcium intake and metabolic syndrome among men and women aged 40 or older in rural areas of Korea신동훈
2015The effect of coffee, tea, and caffeine consumption on serum uric acid and the risk of hyperuricemia in Korean Multi‑Rural Communities Cohort신동훈
2015Depressive Symptoms and Risk of Occupational and Non-occupational Injury in the US Working Population김재영
2015Clinical findings and outcomes in patients with possible usual interstitial pneumonia이미영; 최원일; 노병학
2014The associations between ADHD and asthma in Korean children이미영
2014Factors Related to Sleep Disorders among Male Firefighters정인성; 이미영
2014Pulmonary function decline in firefighters and non-firefighters in South Korea이미영; 정인성
2014Characteristics of Function-Anatomy Mismatch in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease남창욱; 조윤경; 윤혁준; 박형섭; 김형섭; 허승호; 김윤년; 김권배; 정인성
2014Long-term outcomes of simple crossover stenting from the left main to the left anterior descending coronary artery남창욱; 조윤경; 윤혁준; 박형섭; 김형섭; 허승호; 김윤년; 김권배; 정인성; 허윤석
2014Small Airway-Centered Granulomatosis Caused by Long-term Exposure to Polytetrafluoroethylene최원일; 노병학; 이미영; 정혜라; 권건영
2014The Expression of AGO2 and DGCR8 in Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss신동훈; 남성일; 김신
2014Inter-Observer Agreement in the Endoscopic Classification of Colorectal Laterally Spreading Tumors: A Multicenter Study Between Experts and Trainees이유진; 김은수; 박경식; 조광범; 이미영
2014Perfluorinated compounds in serum and urine samples from children aged 5–13 years in South Korea이미영