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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory as related factor for post traumatic stress disorder symptoms according to job stress level in experienced firefighters: 5-year studySung-Won Jung; Chang-Wook Nam; In-Sung Chung; Mi-Young Lee
2013공존하는 불안장애와 물질사용장애가 주요우울증에 미치는 영향Jae Hyun Shin; Jung Bum Kim; Sung Won Jung; 신재현; 김정범; 정성원
2013IMPACT OF CHILDHOOD ADVERSITY ON THE COURSE AND SUICIDALITY OF DEPRESSIVE DISORDERS: THE CRESCEND STUDYSung-Wan Kim; Hee-Ju Kang; Seon-Young Kim; Jae-Min Kim; Jin-Sang Yoon; Sung-Won Jung; Min-Soo Lee; Hyeon-Woo Yim; Tae-Youn Jun
2013Methylphenidate-osmotic-controlled release oral delivery system treatment reduces parenting stress in parents of children and adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderJun-Won Hwang; Bongseog Kim; Yeni Kim; Tae-Ho Kim; Wan-Seok Seo; Dong-Won Shin; Young-Jae Woo; Heejeong Yoo; Jeong-Seop Lee; Jong-Hun Lee; Myung-Ho Lim; Young-Chul Chung; Chul-Ho Jung; Hanik K. Yoo
2013Response to antidepressants in major depressive disorder with melancholic features: the CRESCEND studySu-Jin Yang; Robert Stewart; Hee-Ju Kang; Seon-Young Kim; Kyung-Yeol Bae; Jae-Min Kim; Sung-Won Jung; Min-Soo Lee; Hyeon-Woo Yim; Tae-Youn Jun
2013Increased power spectral density in resting-state pain-related brain networks in fibromyalgiaJi-Young Kim; Seong-Ho Kim; Jeehye Seo; Sang-Hyon Kim; Seung Woo Han; Eon Jeong Nam; Seong-Kyu Kim; Hui Joong Lee; Seung-Jae Lee; Yang-Tae Kim; Yongmin Chang
2012Brain activation patterns of motor imagery reflect plastic changes associated with intensive shooting trainingJong-Su Baeck; Yang-Tae Kim; Jee-Hye Seo; Hun-Kyu Ryeom; Jongmin Lee; Sung-Mook Choi; Minjung Woo; Woojong Kim; Jin Gu Kim; Yongmin Chang
2012Safety of quetiapine fumarate extended release in the treatment of Korean patients with acute schizophreniaJung-Goo Lee; Jong-Il Lee; Yang-Tae Kim; Chul-Eung Kim; Chang-Yoon Kim; Jin-Sang Yoon; So-Young Yoo; Young-Hoon Kim
2012A 6-Week, Randomized, Multicentre, Open-Label Study Comparing Efficacy and Tolerability of Amisulpride at a Starting Dose of 400 mg/day versus 800 mg/day in Patients with Acute Exacerbations of SchizophreniaSeung Jae Lee; Jong Hun Lee; Sung Won Jung; Bon Hoon Koo; Tae Young Choi; Kwang Hun Lee
2012Anti-inflammatory effect of quetiapine on collagen-induced arthritis of mouseHyeongseok Kim; Jihye Bang; Hyuk Won Chang; Jin Young Kim; Keon Uk Park; Sang-Hyon Kim; Kyung-Jae Lee; Chul-Hyun Cho; Ilseon Hwang; Sung Dong Park; Eunyoung Ha; Sung-Won Jung
2011Predictors of 12-week remission in a nationwide cohort of people with depressive disorders: the CRESCEND studyJae-Min Kim; Sung-Wan Kim; Robert Stewart; Seon-Young Kim; Jin-Sang Yoon; Sung-Won Jung; Min-Soo Lee; Hyeon-Woo Yim; Tae-Youn Jun
2011Relationship Between a History of a Suicide Attempt and Treatment Outcomes in Patients With DepressionSung-Wan Kim; Robert Stewart; Jae-Min Kim; Il-Seon Shin; Jin-Sang Yoon; Sung-Won Jung; Min-Soo Lee; Hyeon-Woo Yim; Tae-Youn Jun
2010Efficacy and Tolerability of Blonanserin in the Patients With Schizophrenia: A Randomized, Double-blind, Risperidone-Compared TrialJaewon Yang; Won-Myong Bahk; Hyun-Sang Cho; Yang-Whan Jeon; Duk-In Jon; Hee-Yeon Jung; Chan-Hyung Kim; Hee-Cheol Kim; Yong-Ku Kim; Young-Hoon Kim; Jun-Soo Kwon; Sang-Yeol Lee; Seung-Hwan Lee; Jung-Seo Yi; Bo-Hyun Yoon; Seung-Hyun Kim
2009어머니와 딸에서 나타난 공유정신병 1례정성원; 김경식; 이호준
2009임상의학 통합교육과정 평가김희철; 박혜진; 천경희; 박원균
2009의과대학 학습목표의 현황과 개선박원균; 김희철; 배재훈; 천경희; 박혜진; 김현철
2009임상실습 교육과정의 개선 요구에 대한 조사금동윤; 김희철; 황진복; 박경식; 천경희
2008Reliability and validity of the Korean version of the Davidson Trauma ScaleHo-Jun Seo; Sang-Keun Chung; Hyun-Kook Lim; Ik-Seung Chee; Kyoung-Uk Lee; Daeho Kim; Sang-Yeol Lee; Seung-Ho Ryu; Jung Bum Kim; Tae-Suk Kim; Won Kim; Jihye Chong; Jeong-Ho Chae; Ki-Chung Paik
2007Detection of Myocardial Ischemia in Patients with Blunted Hemodynamic Response to Adenosine StressIsis Gayed; Daniel Burke; Kyoung Sook Won; Lyle Broemeling; Kiran Chang; Joseph Swafford
2005INFLUENCE OF THE SEROTONIN TRANSPORTER PROMOTER GENE POLYMORPHISM ON SUSCEPTIBILITY TO POSTTRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDERHeon-Jeong Lee; Min-Soo Lee; Rhee-Hun Kang; Hyun Kim; Soon-Duck Kim; Baik-Seok Kee; Young Hoon Kim; Yong-Ku Kim; Jung Bum Kim; Byung Kil Yeon; Kang Seob Oh; Byung-Hoon Oh; Jin-Sang Yoon; Chul Lee; Han Yong Jung; Ik-Seung Chee; In Ho Paik