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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Confirmation of Supraorbital Nerve and Its Branch in the Supraorbital Notch with Ultrasound GuidanceJi Hee Hong; Sung Mun Lee; Kyeong Hwan Seo
2015MDCT Findings of Renal Cell Carcinoma Associated With Xp11.2 Translocation and TFE3 Gene Fusion and Papillary Renal Cell CarcinomaSungmin Woo; Sang Youn Kim; Myoung Seok Lee; Kyung Chul Moon; See Hyung Kim; Jeong Yeon Cho; Seung Hyup Kim
2015Gray matter alteration in patients with restless legs syndrome: a voxel-based morphometry studyYongmin Chang; Hyuk Won Chang; Huijin Song; Jeonghun Ku; Christopher J. Earley; Richard P. Allen; Yong Won Cho
2015화농성 갑상선염을 합병한 이상와 누공(Piriform sinus fistula)의 화학소작술 치험 1례손경래; 신소영; 심예지; 김흥식; 이희정; 여창기
2014Ultrasonographic indications for conservative treatment in pregnancy-related uterine arteriovenous malformationsTae Young Lee; See Hyung Kim; Hee Jung Lee; Mi Jeong Kim; Sang Kwon Lee; Young Hwan Kim; Seung Hyun Cho
2014MDCT Urography for Detecting Recurrence After Transurethral Resection of Bladder Cancer: Comparison of Nephrographic Phase With Pyelographic PhaseJin Young Kim; See Hyung Kim; Hee Jung Lee; Mi Jeong Kim; Young Hwan Kim; Seung Hyun Cho
2014Small Airway-Centered Granulomatosis Caused by Long-term Exposure to Polytetrafl uoroethyleneWon-Il Choi; Hye Ra Jung; Esmeralda Shehu; Byung Hak Rho; Mi-Young Lee; Kun Young Kwon
2014Adrenal venous sampling for stratifying patients for surgery of adrenal nodules detected using dynamic contrast enhanced CTJin Young Kim; See Hyung Kim; Hee Jung Lee; Young Hwan Kim; Mi Jeong Kim; Seung Hyun Cho
2014Penetrating facial injuryBora Kwon; Hyuk Won Chang; Sung Jin Kim; sung Il Sohn; Tae Hyun Choi
2014Aneurysmal Bone Cyst in the Temporal Bone and Complete Resection with Preoperative Embolization A Case ReportBYOUNG JE KIM; EUN JU LEE; HYUK WON CHANG; HAE RA JUNG; EALMAAN KIM; SUNG IL SOHN; SANG PYO KIM
2014항암제와 방사선 치료에 반응이 없는 고형 가유두상 종양에서 Isotretionin 치료 1례김윤정; 안영준; 이희정; 정혜라; 김옥배; 원경숙; 김지윤; 김흥식
2014CTA Collateral Status and Response to Recanalization in Patients with Acute Ischemic StrokeV. Nambiar; S.I. Sohn; M.A; Almekhlafi; H.W. Chang; S. Mishra; E. Qazi; M. Eesa; A.M. Demchuk; M. Goyal; M.D. Hill; B.K. Menon
2014The management of traumatic scalp pseudoaneurysms with manual or US-guided compressionEun Joo Lee; Joo Hwan Kim; Hyuk Won Chang; Young Eun Bahn; Ealmaan Kim; Sang Pyo Kim; Sung il Sohn; Yong Won Cho; Hyung Lee
2013Peritoneal manifestations of fascioliasis on CT images: a new observationKyoung Doo Song; Jae Hoon Lim; Mi Jeong Kim; Yun Jin Jang; Jae Woon Kim; Seung Hyun Cho; Jung Hyeok Kwon
2013Benefit of Systematic Segmentectomy of the Hepatocellular Carcinoma Revisiting the Dye Injection Method for Various Portal Vein BranchesKeun Soo Ahn; Koo Jeong Kang; Tae Jun Park; Yong Hoon Kim; Tae Jin Lim; Jung Hyeok Kwon
2013Leptomeningeal Collaterals Are Associated with Modifiable Metabolic Risk FactorsBijoy K. Menon; Eric E. Smith; Shelagh B. Coutts; Donald G. Welsh; James E. Faber; Mayank Goyal; Michael D. Hill; Andrew M. Demchuk; Zaheed Damani; Kyung-Hee Cho; Hyuk-Won Chang; Jeong-Ho Hong; Sung Il Sohn
2013Ischiofemoral Impingement SyndromeSoyoung Lee; Inhwan Kim; Sung Moon Lee; Jieun Lee
2013Anthocyanins From Black Soybean Seed Coat Enhance Wound HealingLianji Xu; Tae Hyun Choi; Sukwha Kim; Sang-Hyon Kim; Hyuk Won Chang; Misun Choe; Sun Young Kwon; Ji An Hur; Sung Chul Shin; Jong Il Chung; Dawon Kang; Duo Zhang
2013Leukocytes and systemic inflammatory response syndrome as prognostic factors in pulmonary embolism patientsJun Yeon Jo; Mi Young Lee; Jin Wook Lee; Byung Hak Rho; Won-Il Choi
2013Features of sequential CT and US-guided biopsy in recurrent Kikuchi disease of the neck: A case reportSang Kwon Lee; Young Eun Bahn; Dong Eun Kim