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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Assessment of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Using Current Perception ThresholdKyoung Tae Kim; Soyoung Lee
2015경추 척수증과 동반된 Flail Arm Syndrome 환자의 수술적 치료손은석; 임정근; 김두환; 이석중
2015특발성 신경통성 근위축증 환자에서 자기공명영상 소견손은석; 김두환
2014Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy Possibly Related With COL6A1 p.Gly302Arg VariantYoonhong Park; Myung Seok Park; Duk Hyun Sung; Ji Yeon Sohn; Chang-Seok Ki; Du-Hwan Kim
2014Magnetic Resonance Neurographic Findings in Classic Idiopathic Neuralgic Amyotrophy in Subacute Stage: A Report of Four CasesMyung Seok Park; Du Hwan Kim; Duk Hyun Sung
2014Metabolic patterns of the shoulder joint on 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography in adhesive capsulitisDu Hwan Kim; Duk Hyun Sung; Hyo Yun Ga; Joon Young Choi
2014Intracranial Hemorrhage in the Corpus Callosum Presenting as Callosal Disconnection Syndrome: FDG-PET and Tractography: A Case ReportIn Hwan Kim; Soyoung Lee; Chang-Young Lee; Dong Gyu Lee
2013C4 Radiculopathy without MyelopathySoyoung Lee; Du Hwan Kim
2013Ischiofemoral Impingement SyndromeSoyoung Lee; Inhwan Kim; Sung Moon Lee; Jieun Lee
2013Spinal Accessory Neuropathy Associated With the Tumor Located on the Jugular ForamenSoyoung Lee; Shimo Yang; Jieun Lee; Inhwan Kim
2012Effect of Intradiscal Monopolar Pulsed Radiofrequency on Chronic Discogenic Back Pain Diagnosed by Pressure-Controlled Provocative Discography: A One Year Prospective StudyYong Jae Jung; Dong Gyu Lee; Yun Woo Cho; Sang Ho Ahn
2012Effect of Intradiscal Methylene Blue Injection for the Chronic Discogenic Low Back Pain: One Year Prospective Follow-up StudySoo-Hyun Kim; Sang-Ho Ahn; Yun-Woo Cho; Dong-Gyu Lee
2012Effect of Botulinum Toxin A Injection into the Salivary Glands for Sialorrhea in Children with Neurologic DisordersIn Seuk Jeung; Soyoung Lee; Heung Sik Kim; Chang Ki Yeo
2011Physical Examination and Computed Tomography in Children with Toe in GaitLee S; Choi KS; Jeung IS; Lee JE; Yang SM; Lee SM
2010림프부종 환자의 보조적 치료로써 히알루론산 분해효소가 가지는 효과이지은; 이소영
2007베르니케 코르사코프 증후군 환자에서 재활치료의 효과박기영; 오정섭; 이소영; 배정호
2007척추측만증을 동반한 Klippel-Treauary-Weber 증후군이소영; 정윤태; 오정섭; 최경식
2004시상 뇌졸증 환자에서 신경병증 통증에 따른 체성감각의 뇌 재구성박기영; 이인희; 이소영; 김영현; 손철호
2004The Ultrasonographic and Electrodiagnostic Findings of Ulnar Neuropathy at the ElbowGi-Young Park; Jong-Min Kim; Sung-Moon Lee
1999수근관증후군에서 이용되는 정중신경 전도검사의 비교이소영; 임정근; 박기영