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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Effects of Nei-Guan (P6) Acupressure Wristband On Nausea, Vomiting, and Retching in Women After ThyroidectomyJung-Hee Kwon; Yeonghee Shin; Hee-Soon Juon
2015Topography of human ankle joint: focused on posterior tibial artery and tibial nerveDeog-Im Kim; Yi-Suk Kim; Seung-Ho Han
2015Effects of Self-esteem Improvement Program on Self-esteem and Peer Attachment in Elementary School Children with Observed Problematic BehaviorsKyung Min Park; Heeok Park
2015초등학생의 생명존중과 또래괴롭힘김신정; 김성희; 이정은; 김혜영; 유소영; 오진아; Shin-Jeong Kim; Sung Hee Kim; Jung-Eun Lee; Hye-Young Kim; So Young Yoo; Jina Oh
2015Neurovascular Distribution Within the Abdominal Head of the Pectoralis Major Muscle: Application to Breast and Flap SurgeryDONG-MIN KIM; ANNA JEON; KYUNG-YONG KIM; JE-HUN LEE; DEOG-IM KIM; YI-SUK KIM; SEUNG-HO HAN
2014Factors Associated with Organized and Opportunistic Cancer Screening: Results of the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) 2007-2011Minsun Kang; Ki-Bong Yoo; Eun-Cheol Park; Kisung Kwon; Gaeun Kim; Doo Ree Kim; Jeoung A Kwon
2014Excitatory GABAA receptor in autonomic pelvic ganglion neurons innervating bladderNa-Hyun Kim; Seung-Kuy Cha; In Deok Kong
2014Effects of a Psychological Adaptation Improvement Program for International Marriage Migrant Women in South KoreaWon Hee Jun; Sung Sil Hong; MSN; Soo Yang
2014부인암 환자의 생존단계에 따른 디스트레스와 신체상 비교Park, Jeong Sook; Lee, Hye Ran; 박정숙; 이혜란
2014유머와 관련된 국내 간호연구의 통합적 고찰김신정; 김성희; 이정은; 김혜영; 유소영; 오진아; Shin-Jeong Kim; Sung Hee Kim; Jung-Eun Lee; Hye-Young Kim; So Young Yoo; Jina Oh
2014Overview and recent trends of systematic reviews and meta-analyses in hepatologyGaeun Kim; Soon Koo Baik
2014Knowledge Discovery in a Community Data Set: Malnutrition among the ElderlyMyonghwa Park; Hyeyoung Kim; Sun Kyung Kim
2014Prediction Model for Health-Related Quality of Life of Elderly with Chronic Diseases using Machine Learning TechniquesSoo-Kyoung Lee; Youn-Jung Son; Jeongeun Kim; Hong-Gee Kim; Jae-Il Lee; Bo-Yeong Kang; Hyeon-Sung Cho; Sungin Lee
2014The risk factors of postoperative delirium after vascular surgeryKim M. Y.; Park U. J.; Kim H. T.; Cho W. H.; Kim M. A
2013Relationship Between Perceived Cognitive Dysfunction and Objective Neuropsychological Performance in Persons With Rheumatoid ArthritisSO YOUNG SHIN; PATRICIA KATZ; LAURA JULIAN
2013자궁경부암 선별검사 반복수검에 관한 예측요인Lee, Eun-Joo; Park, Jeong-Sook; 이은주; 박정숙
2013항암화학요법을 받는 입원 암환자의 특성에 따른 구내염 정도 차이Park, Mi Hyang; Park, Jeong Sook; 박미향; 박정숙
2013미숙아 어머니를 위한 체계적인 정보제공이 모아애착, 양육스트레스, 양육자신감에 미치는 효과최효신; 신영희; Hyo-Sin Choi; Yeong-Hee Shin
2013Ultrasonographic scoring system score versus liver stiffness measurement in prediction of cirrhosisKyoung Min Moon; Gaeun Kim; Soon Koo Baik; Eunhee Choi; Moon Young Kim; Hyoun A Kim; Mee Yon Cho; Seung Yong Shin; Jung Min Kim; Hong Jun Park; Sang Ok Kwon; Young Woo Eom