Prednisolone 투여로 인한 가토중추임파조직의 형태학적연구

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Morphological Changes on Lymphoid Tissue of the Adult Rabbit Through the Injection of Prednisolone
Dept. of Psychiatry (정신건강의학)
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Keimyung Medical Journal, Vol.1(1) : 27-38, 1982
成熟家兎를 實驗動物로 하여 prednisolone 을 5㎎ 및 10㎎ 씩 1日 1回 連 3日間 注射하고 中樞淋巴組織인 胸腺과 蟲垂淋巴組織에 惹起되는 變化를 機能的組織構造에 따라 光學 및 電子顯微鏡的으로 檢索한 結果를 要約하면 다음과 같다. 組織學的으로 胸腺에 있어서는 小葉皮質에서 淋巴球의 甚한 消失과 細綱細胞 및 大食細胞의 顯著한 增加를 볼 수 있었으나 隨質에서는 淋巴球가 거의 減少되지 않았다. 蟲垂淋巴組織은 dome, corooa 및 follicle에서 다같이 大小淋巴球의 甚한 消失과 大食細胞의 著明한 增加를 볼 수 있었으며 TDA에서는 淋巴球가 極히 輕한 程度로 減少하였을 뿐으로서 거의 正常한 狀態로 보였다. 電子顯微鏡的으로 胸腺皮質의 淋巴球는 核邊綠의 不規則, 核膜의 消失 및 核破壞 等의 甚한 變性 내지 壞死性變化가 惹起되었으며 細綱細胞 및 大食細胞에서는 空胞의 養性擴張, mitochondria의 종신 및 cristae의 消失 그리고 破壞된 淋巴球의 탐식 等이 5㎎ 注射群보다는 10㎎ 群에서 좀 더 顯著하게 나타났다. 그러나 隨質에서는 몇몇 淋巴球에서 核濃縮과 核邊綠의 不規則性이 있을뿐 著明한 變性變化는 없었다. 蟲垂淋巴組織에서도 dome, corona 및 follicle의 淋巴球는 甚한 壞死性變化를 보였으며 TDA에서는 그 變化가 極히 輕하였다. Dome 및 follicle의 大食細胞에서는 破壞된 淋巴球가 가끔 탐식되어 있었다. 以上의 成績으로 보아 一般的으로 cortiosteroid의 中樞淋巴組織에 對한 影響은 胸腺에서는 皮質의 淋巴球에 그리고 蟲垂淋巴組織에서는 주로 B淋巴球領域의 淋巴球에 일어나며 그 變化는 非可逆性 壞死까지도 誘發하는 것으로 推定된다.
This study was carried out to investigate morphological changes in the central lymphoid tissue of thymus gland and appendix of 12 healthy adult rabbits treated with injecting prednisolone of 5 and 10mg each to the animals once per day 3 consecutive days. The results were as follows: Light microscopically, a considerable loss of lymphocytes in lobular cortex of thymus gland, along with noticeable increase of macrophages and reticulum cells, were found. However, no significant decrease of lymphocytes in its medulla persent. Significant loss of large and small lymphocytes and considerable increased macrophages in the areas of dome, corona, and follicles of appendiceal lymphoid tissue were noted. However, very meagre decrease of lymphocytes in thymus dependent area only was noticed. Electron microscopically marked degeneration and necrotic changes of lymphocytes, such as irregularity of nulear margin, loss of nuclear membrane, and destruction of lymphocytes in the cortex of thymus gland occured. in reticulum cells and macrophages, cystic degeneration of vesicles, swelling of mitochondria, loss of cristae, and phagocytosis of destructed lymphocytes were prominent in the group of 10mg injection than in that of 5mg. Nevertheless, nuclear condensations and irregularities of nuclear margin of some lymphocytes were noticed in medulla with no clear degenerative changes. In appendiceal lymphoid tissue, a severe nocrotic changes of lymphocytes of dome, corona and follicles were observed. However, its changes in thymus dependent area were very little. In macrophages of dome and follicles, destructed lymphocytes were seen to be occasionally phagocytosed. It may be summarized that the effects of corticosteroid on the central lymphoid tissue take place in lymphocytes in cortex of thymus gland and in lymphocytes of B lymphocytical area of appendiceal lymphoid tissue. It may also be assumed that the changes aforementioned can include irreversible necrosis.
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