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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Analysis of epidural waveform for cervical epdiural steroid injections confirmed with fluoroscopy홍지희; 정성원
2018제2형 당뇨병 환자에서 시점간 선택과 혈당조절 사이의 연관성김미경; 김양태
2018Neural processing of lower- and upper-case text in second language learners of English: an fMRI study김양태
2018제 2형 당뇨병환자에서 시점간 선택과 혈당조절 사이의 연관성김미경; 김양태
2017Screening for Depressive Disorder in Elderly Patients with Chronic Physical Diseases Using the Patient Health Questionnaire-9정성원
2017How many different symptom combinations fulfil the diagnostic criteria for major depressive disorder? Results from the CRESCEND study김정범
2017Additive effects of neurofeedback on the treatment of ADHD: A randomized controlled study.정철호
2017정상인에서 성격 요인이 사회적 의사결정에 미치는 영향김양태
2017대규모 신경망의 관점에서 본 우울증김양태
2017Comparison of clinical efficacy in epidural steroid injections through transforaminal or parasagittal approaches정성원; 홍지희; 박기범
2017Clinical Validation of the Psychotic Depression Assessment Scale, Hamilton Depression Rating Scale-6, and Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale-5:Results from the Clinical Research Center for Depression Study김정범
2017Posture Influences the Extent of Spread of Contrast Medium During Thoracic Epidurography: A Prospective Randomized Trial홍지희; 정성원
2017일개 의과대학생의 재학 시기에 따른 학업성취도에 영향을 미치는 심리적 요인정인성; 정성원
2017Age-related clinical characteristics of major depressive disorder in Koreans:Results from the CRESCEND study김정범
2017메스암페타민 사용자에서의 시점간 선택 특성 및 영향 요인김양태
2016Validation of the Korean-Version of the Clinical Assessment Interview for Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia (CAINS)김양태
2016Fluoroscopically Guided Thoracic Interlaminar Epidural Injection: A Comparative Epidurography Study Using 2.5 mL and 5 mL of Contrast Dye홍지희; 정성원
2016Clinical Effectiveness and Prognostic Indicators of Parasagittal Interlaminar Epidural Injection홍지희; 정성원
2016시점간 선택과 중독김양태
2016Association of treatment response with obesity and other metabolic risk factors in adults with depressive disorders: Results from a National Depression Cohort study in Korea (the CRESCEND study)김정범