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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The Effects of Botulinum Toxin Injections on Plantar Flexor Spasticity in Different Phases After Stroke: A Secondary Analysis From a Double-Blind, Randomized Trial.최용민
2018Ultrasound measurements of axillary recess capsule thickness in unilateral frozen shoulder: study of correlation with MRI measurements조철현; 김두환
2018Relationships between vitamin D and paraspinal muscle: human data and experimental rat model analysis.김두환
2018Lumbar Epidural Varix Causing Radicular Pain: A Case Report and Differential Diagnosis of Lumbar Cystic Lesions손은석; 김두환
2018Ultrasonographic measurements of axillary recess capsule thickness in unilateral frozen shoulder: Study of correlation with MR imaging measurements김두환
2018Biological Aspect of Pathophysiology for Frozen Shoulder조철현; 송광순; 김두환
2018Comparison of Pedal Soft Tissue Thickness Between Those With and Without Diabetes김준형; 이소영; 최재훈; 장혁원
2017Clinical correlation of metabolic parameters on 18F-FDG PET/CT in idiopathic frozen shoulder송광순; 김해원; 조철현; 이시욱; 송봉일; 원경숙; 김두환
2017흉부 혈관내 대동맥박리 재건술 이후 발생한 허혈성 단일사지 신경병증 : 케이스 보고이소영; 김두환
2017Analysis of Migration Patterns of Disk Fragments and Contributing Factors in Extruded Lumbar Disk Herniation김두환; 손은석; 이동규
2017Changes in HbA1c levels and body mass index after successful decompression surgery in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and lumbar spinal stenosis: results of a 2-year follow-up study.김두환
2017Comparative Analysis between Total Disc Replacement and Posterior Foraminotomy for Posterolateral Soft Disc Herniation with Unilateral Radiculopathy : Clinical and Biomechanical Results of a Minimum 5 Years Follow-up김두환
2017Assessment of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Using Current Perception Threshold이소영
2017Rapid, objective and non-invasive diagnosis of sudomotor dysfunction in patients with lower extremity dysesthesia: A cross-sectional study최용민
2017Bulbar myasthenia gravis superimposed in a medullary infarction diagnosed by a fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing with simultaneous tensilon application최용민
2017Reduced Diaphragm Excursion During Reflexive Citric Acid Cough Test in Subjects With Subacute Stroke최용민
2017신경인성 흉곽출구증후군 진단의 논란점김두환
2017Polymyalgia Rheumatica: A Challenging Diagnosis in Elderly Patients - Case Reports김두환
2016The Measurement of the Sensory Recovery Period in Zygoma and Blow-Out Fractures with Neurometer Current Perception Threshold최재훈; 김준형; 이소영
2016Characterization of a frozen shoulder model using immobilization in rats조철현; 송광순; 하은영; 황일선; 김두환