Clonazepam Treatment of Pathologic Childhood Aerophagia with Psychological Stresses

Jin-Bok HwangJun Sik KimByung Hoon AhnChul-Ho JungYoung Hwan LeeSin Kam
Dept. of Pediatrics (소아청소년학); Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology (이비인후과학); Dept. of Psychiatry (정신건강의학)
Issue Date
Journal of Korean Medical Science, Vol.22(2) : 205-208, 2007
The treatment of pathologic aerophagia has rarely been discussed in the literature. In this retrospective study, the authors investigated the effects of clonazepam on the management of pathologic childhood aerophagia (PCA) with psychological stresses (PS), but not with mental retardation. Data from 22 consecutive PCA patients with PS (aged 2 to 10 yr), who had been followed up for over 1 yr, were reviewed. On the basis of videolaryngoscopic views, the authors observed that the pathology of aerophagia was the result of reflex-induced swallowing with paroxysmal openings of the upper esophageal sphincter due to unknown factors and also observed that these reflex-induced openings were subsided after intravenous low dose benzodiazepine administration. Hence, clonazepam was administered to treat paroxysmal openings in these PCA patients with PS. Remission positivity was defined as symptom-free for a consecutive 1 month within 6 months of treatment. The results of treatment in 22 PCA patients with PS were analyzed. A remission positive state was documented in 14.3% of PCA patients managed by reassurance, and in 66.7% of PCA patients treated with clonazepam (p=0.032). Thus, clonazepam may produce positive results in PCA with PS. Future studies by randomized and placebo-controlled trials are needed to confirm the favorable effect of clonazepam in PCA.
AerophagiaChildhoodClonazepamPsychological StressReassuranceTreatment
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황진복; 김준식; 안병훈; 정철호
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