Intratarsal Fixation at the Same Level as the Skin Incision to Reduce Asymmetric Double Eyelids

Kihwan HanHyeonjung YeoTae Hyun ChoiDaegu SonJun Hyung Kim
Dept. of Plastic Surgery (성형외과학)
Issue Date
Annals of Plastic Surgery, Vol.64(3) : 265-269, 2010
One of the most common complications of double eyelid operations is asymmetry. To reduce asymmetry, we fixed the dermis to the tarsal plate at the same level as the skin incision, and objectively evaluated the symmetry of the height using photogrammetry. Of 30 patients who had double eyelid operations by the intratarsal fixation technique, 15 patients completed a minimum follow-up of 6 months. After the skin incision and removal of the orbicularis oculi muscle and the orbital fat, the pretarsal fat pad was excised to expose the superior portion of the tarsal plate. The 3 fixation points were marked on the tarsal plate at the same level with the skin incision using a spreading caliper. The dermis was fixed to the marked points of the tarsal plate and the skin was closed. The height of the double eyelid was measured by clinical photography at 4 points when the eyes were opened and at 3 points when the eyes were closed. The height proportional index at each point was obtained by dividing the height of the left double eyelid by that of the right double eyelid. We compared each height proportional index with “1” to evaluate the symmetry of both double eyelids using a paired t test. The follow-up period was an average of 9.0 months. The mean height proportional indices were 0.97 (a), 0.96 (b), 0.98 (c), 1.08 (d), 0.97 (e), 1.02 (f), and 1.13 (g). According to a paired t test, the height of the left double eyelid was not different from that of the right double eyelid. Intratarsal fixation, along with other previously known methods, decreases asymmetric double eyelids. Key Words: double eyelids, intratarsal fixation, photogrammetry
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