Novel Reconstructive Methods of the Conchal Central Strut Using an Absorbable Plate After Total Harvesting of the Conchal Cartilage

Han, KihwanKim, JinhanKim, JunhyungSon, DaeguKim, SukwhaChoi, Tae Hyun
Dept. of Plastic Surgery (성형외과학)
Issue Date
Annals of Plastic Surgery, Vol.74(5) : 549-556, 2015
Purpose: Conchal cartilage is widely used in the field of plastic surgery, but donor-site morbidity is inevitable when all of the conchal cartilage is harvested. To maintain ear shape, the authors introduce a new method using an absorbable plate to reconstruct the conchal central strut after total harvesting of the conchal cartilage. Methods: In total, 18 subjects underwent surgery, and 14 subjects who were followed up for more than 12 months were included in this article. Before the total harvesting of the conchae, an absorbable plate was adjusted to the proper curvature and length. After harvesting, the central strut was reconstructed by the precrafted absorbable plate. When the harvested cartilage was too large or one implant was not sufficient to reconstruct the central strut, an additional implant was added to the cymba conchae. Outcomes were evaluated by photogrammetry and questionnaires. Seven items were selected to evaluate the shape of the ear and conchal cavity. The authors compared preoperative and postoperative photographs, looking at proportion indices of 7 items using Photoshop. Ten assessors who did not participate in the operation were also shown preoperative and postoperative photographs and answered questionnaires about the shapes of the ear, conchal cavity, and conchal central strut. Results: Except for the effective conchal cavity height index, no statistically significant differences were observed between preoperative and postoperative ear shapes. Additionally, the questionnaire showed excellent assessments for all items. Conclusions: Reconstruction of the central strut using an absorbable plate after total harvest of the conchal cartilage was a simple and effective method to prevent ear collapse.
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한기환; 김준형; 손대구
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