Cancer Incidence in Daegu in 1997∼98: The First Results of the Daegu Cancer Registry

Choong Won LeeMi Young LeeHyun Sook LimSoo Sang SohnJae Kyu Jeon
Dept. of Preventive Medicine (예방의학); Dept. of Surgery (외과학); Dept. of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine (마취통증의학)
Issue Date
대한암학회지, Vol.33(2) : 136-148, 2001
Purpose:A population-based cancer registry was set up in January 1, 1997 to estimate the incidence of cancer in Daegu, South Korea. Materials and Methods : Data sources for case-finding and ing were hospital in patients, other sources in hospitals other than in patients , and private pathology labo rato ries . The reg is te red cas es we re matc hed against two external databases , the death certificate and medical insurance claims . Results : A total of 7,837 cas es (4,203 males , 3,634 females ) we re regis te red in 1997∼98 exc luding 2,718 cases of DCN. The c rude inc ide nce rates of all cancers combined were 170.7/100,000 (ASR 255.0) in males and 149.8 (ASR 154.4) in females . In males , the most common cancer was stomach (47.3, ASR 69.0), fo llowed by live r (28.0, ASR 37.6), lung (26.0, ASR 44.1), colo rectum (14.9, ASR 23.3), urinary bladde r (4.5, ASR 7.0) and pros tate (3.5, ASR 7.0). The most common cancer in females was s tomach (25.8, ASR26.9), followed by breas t (21.7, ASR 20.4), cervixuteri (21.1, ASR 20.4), co lo rectum (14.9, ASR 16.0), lung (9.9, ASR 11.0), live r (9.3, ASR 10.1), and thyro id (6.1, ASR 5.7). The ove rall pe rce ntage of mic ros copically ve rified and the DCN%we re 80.3%, 27.7% in males and 88.7%, 20.7% in females , respectively. Conclus ion: These results show that the incide nce level of all cance rs combined in both s exes in Daegu is approac hing that of othe rindus trialized regions in As ia as well as in the world.
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이충원; 이미영; 손수상; 전재규
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