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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Association Between Polymorphisms of Interleukin 1 Family Genes and Hepatocellular Carcinoma신동훈; 이미영
2018Health Effects from Occupational Radition Exposure among Fluoroscopy-guided Interventional Medical Workers:A Systematic Review김재영
2018penumoconiosis in a polytetrafluoroethylene spray worker:a case report with an occupational hygiene study정인성; 이미영; 최원일; 정혜라
2018Prevalence of lung cancer in patients with interstitial lung disease is higher than in those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease이미영; 최원일; 박재석; 박순효; 김현정
2018Work procedures and radiation exposure among radiologic technologists in South Korea김재영
2018High sodium intake and sodium to potassium ratio may be linked to subsequent increase in vascular damage in adults aged 40 years and older: the Korean multi-rural communities cohort (MRCohort)신동훈
2018The Association of Workplace Psychosocial Factors and Musculoskeletal Pain Among Korean Emotional Laborers이미영; 정인성
2018Spatial analysis between particulate matter and emergency room visits for conjunctivitis and keratitis이미영; 정인성; 남창욱
2017relationaship between postural instability and subcortical volume loss in Alzheimer's disease정인성; 이형; 이현아
2017Associations of VCAM-1 gene polymorphisms with obesity and inflammation markers전상은; 신동훈
2017Efficacy of mastoid oscillation and the Gufoni maneuver for treating apogeotropic horizontal benign positional vertigo: a randomized controlled study김현아; 이형; 김재영
2017한국인의 악력 평가를 위한 예측 모형 개발: 2014-2015년 국민건강영양조사를 바탕으로정인성; 이미영
201740세 이상 성인에서 음주량과 고혈압 발생 사이의 종적 연관성신동훈
2017Association of arsenobetaine with beta-cell function assessed by homeostasis model assessment (HOMA) in nondiabetic Koreans: data from the fourth Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) 2008-2009.정인성
2017Prospective association between dietary calcium intake and metabolic syndrome among Korean adults: the Korean Multi-Rural Communities Cohort Study (MR Cohort)신동훈
2017Cadmium Exposure Is Associated with Monocyte Count and Monocyte to HDL Ratio, a Marker of Inflammation and Future Cardiovascular Disease in the Male Population정인성
2017A prospective association between dietary folate intake and type 2 diabetes risk among Korean adults aged 40 years or older: the Korean Multi-Rural Communities Cohort (MRCohort) Study신동훈
2017Dietary total, animal, vegetable calcium and type 2 diabetes incidence among Korean adults: The Korean Multi-Rural Communities Cohort (MRCohort)신동훈
2017Risk of mortality associated with respiratory syncytial virus and influenza infection in adults최원일; 박재석; 김현정; 박순효; 이미영
2017일개 의과대학생의 재학 시기에 따른 학업성취도에 영향을 미치는 심리적 요인정인성; 정성원