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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Aerosolized Syk Antisense Suppresses Syk Expression, Mediator Release from Macrophages, and Pulmonary Inflammation박종구
2001Antisense DNA를 사용한 Cdk2조절에 의한 암세포의 성장 억제박종구
1999Augmentation of pulmonary host defense against Pseudomonas by FcγRIIA cDNA transfer to the respiratory epithelium박종구
1999C-myb Antisense Oligonucleotides에 의한 혈액암 세포의 성장억제: Target Sites 설정 및 Cationic Liposomes의 Antisense Oligo 전달 효율비교박종구
2008Cadmium specifically induces MKP-1 expression via the glutathione depletion-mediated p38 MAPK activation in C6 glioma cells박종구; 장병철; 백원기; 서민호; 서성일; 이형
2005Catalase induced expression of inflammatory mediators via activation of NF-κB, PI3K/AKT, p70S6K, and JNKs in BV2 microglia장병철; 박종구; 김상표; 신동훈; 송대규; 박종욱; 서성일; 서민호
2004Catalase induces the expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase through activation of NF-κB and PI3K signaling pathway in Raw 264.7 cells장병철; 김상표; 배재훈; 문교철; 송대규; 조치흠; 신동훈; 권택규; 박종욱; 박종구; 백원기; 서민호; 서성일
1993Conserved Cytoplasmic Tyrosine Residues of the γ Subunit are Required for a Phagocytic Signal Mediated by FcγRIIIA박종구
2007Dexamethasone suppresses interleukin-1β-induced human β-defensin 2mRNA expression: involvementof p38 MAPK, JNK, MKP-1, andNF-κβ transcriptional factor in A549 cells장병철; 박종구; 서민호; 서성일
2004DNA Chip using Single Stranded Large Circular DNA: Low Background and Stronger Signal Intensity박종구
2004Effective Inhibition of Cancer Cell Growth by a Novel Tripartite T ransfection Complex Containing Ribbon Antisense Molecules to hTR박종구
1999Enhanced Liver Uptake of Opsonized Red Blood Cells After In Vivo Transfer of FcγRIIA cDNA to the Liver박종구
1998Establishment and characterization of cell lines constitutively expressing hepatitis B virus X-protein박종구
2005Gene knockdown by large circular antisense for high-throughput functional genomics강구정; 박종욱; 박종구
2007Glucosamine Hydrochloride Specifically Inhibits COX-2 by Preventing COX-2 N-Glycosylation and by Increasing COX-2 Protein Turnover in a Proteasome-dependent Manner박기영; 한승범; 장병철; 박종구; 서성일; 신동훈; 배재훈; 박종욱
2000Hepatitis B virus-X protein upregulates the expression of p21wafl/cipl and prolongs G1-S transition via a p53 independent pathway in human hepatoma cells박종구
2003HIV-I 성장억제제 발굴을 위한 영구 세포주 개발박종구
2004Identification of Genes Involved in Liver Cancer Cell Growth Using an Antisense Library of Phage Genomic DNA박종구
1993In the Absence of Other Fc Receptors, FcγRIIIA Transmits a Phagocytic Signal That Requires the Cytoplasmic Domain of Its γ Subunit박종구
2004Induction of cyclooxygenase-2 in macrophages by catalase: role of NF-κB and PI3K signaling pathways장병철; 박종욱; 권택규; 김상표; 송대규; 박종구; 배재훈; 문교철; 백원기; 서민호; 서성일
1995Induction of Phagocytosis by a Protein Tyrosine Kinase박종구
1998Inhibition of Fcγ Receptor-Mediated Phagocytosis by a Nonphagocytic Fcγ Receptor박종구
2002Inhibitory Effects of Novel AP-1 Decoy Oligodeoxynucleotides on Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation In Vitro and Neointimal Formation In Vivo최세영; 권기영; 이인규; 박종구
2005Inhibitory modulation of ATP-sensitive potassium channels by gallate-ester moiety of (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate배재훈; 송대규; 백원기; 장병철; 박종구; 권택규; 임정근; 신동훈; 조치흠; 김대광; 박원균
2006Leptomycin B, a metabolite of Streptomyces, inhibits the expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase in BV2 microglial cells장병철; 박종구; 박종욱; 서민호; 서성일
2004Leptomycin B-induced apoptosis is mediated through caspase activation and down-regulation of Mcl-1 and XIAP expression, but not through the generation of ROS in U937 leukemia cells장병철; 박종욱; 권택규; 송대규; 박종구; 김상표; 배재훈; 문교철; 서민호; 서성일
2008Loss of Cyclin G1 Expression in Human Uterine Leiomyoma Cells Induces Apoptosis권상훈; 박준철; 차순도; 조치흠; 권건영; 박종욱; 박종구
2007Marked transfection enhancement by the DPL (DNA/peptide/lipid) complex장병철; 박종구; 송대규
2003Novel Trimeric Complex for Efficient Uptake Plasmid Vector into HepG2 Cells박종구
2001Phosphorylation of purified recombinant hepatitis B virus-X protein by mitogen-activated protein kinase and protein kinase C in vitro박종구