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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000A Co-Operative Study: Clinical Characteristics of 334 Korean Patients with Moyamoya Disease Treated at Neurosurgical Institutes (1976-1994)임만빈
2007A Rare Case of Male Lymphocytic Hypophysitis김엘; 임만빈
2005Analysis of Corticospinal Tract Injury by Using the Diffusion Tensor Imaging of 3.0 T Magnetic Resonance in Patients with Hypertensive Intracerebral Hemorrhage손은익; 임만빈; 이소영; 박기영; 손철호
1993Aneurysms of the Nontraumatic Extracranial Carotid Artery and Vertebral Artery -Cases Report-임만빈; 김상열; 이장철; 손은익; 김동원; 김인홍; 송달원; 전석길
1994Arteriovenous Malformations of the Brain Associated with Cerebral Aneurysms임만빈; 김엘; 김상열; 이장철; 손은익; 김동원; 김인홍
1989Beriplast P(Fibrin glue)를 점적한 근육절편과 Histoacryl blue(N-butyl 2-cyanoacrylate)를 백서 대뇌표면과 대퇴동맥에 접착시 조직학적 변화 (뇌동맥류 수술에의 이용성)김상열; 임만빈; 손은익; 김동원; 김인홍; 이상숙
1989Biological Fibrin Glue를 이용한 미세혈관 문합술의 실험적 연구김동원; 손은익; 임만빈; 김인홍; 정재홍
1993Caspar금속판을 사용한 경추부 전방유합술의 임상적 경험이장철; 김동원; 손은익; 임만빈; 김인홍
1998Cerebral Revascularization for Cerebral Ischemia임만빈; 이창영
2007Clinical Features and Surgical Treatment of Bacterial Brain Abscess김엘; 이창영; 김인수; 손은익; 김동원; 임만빈
2002EGCG Attenuates AMPA-Induced Intracellular Calcium Increase in Hippocampal Neurons배재훈; 송대규; 문교철; 권택규; 임만빈; 서성일; 백원기; 이성용; 박원균
2008Expression of Cancer-Testis Genes in Brain Tumors손은익; 김엘; 김인수; 임만빈; 김상표
1996Giant intracranial varix arising from an arteriovenous fistula임만빈; 이장철; 손은익; 김동원; 김인홍; 임정근
2009Green Tea Polyphenol (–)-Epigallocatechin Gallate Reduces Neuronal Cell Damage and Up-Regulation of MMP-9 Activity in Hippocampal CA1 and CA2 Areas Following Transient Global Cerebral Ischemia이형; 박원균; 임만빈; 이성용; 장영호; 김진모
2003Immunohistochemical analysis for histopathological subtypes in pediatric medulloblastomas손은익; 김엘; 김동원; 임만빈; 강유나; 이상숙; 권건영; 김상표; 서성일; 권택규; 이중정
2008Intracranial Fusiform Aneurysms : It’s Pathogenesis, Clinical Characteristics and Managements손은익; 임만빈; 이창영; 김엘
2012Management of Complex Cerebral Aneurysm임만빈
2002Merits of intralesional fibrin glue injection in surgery for cavernous sinus cavernous hemangiomas김엘; 임만빈; 이창영; 손은익; 김동원; 김상표; 손철호
2006Microbleeds in Patients with Primary Intracerebral Hemorrhages김엘; 임만빈; 손은익; 손성일; 손철호
2005MR Imaging of Hyperacute Subarachnoid and Intraventricular Hemorrhage at 3T: A Preliminary Report of Gradient Echo T2*-Weighted Sequences황재석; 손철호; 백승국; 이희정; 이성문; 김엘; 임만빈
1994Nimodipine, 유동성 고혈압 및 양 방법의 혼합 치료가 실험적 뇌경색에 미치는 영향김인홍; 이장철; 손은익; 김동원; 임만빈
1997Preseating Lsith epilepsy Surgicalb managemeat of cerebral artesiovenous malformation임만빈; 손은익
2006Primary stent therapy for symptomatic intracranial atherosclerotic stenosis: 1-year follow-up angiographic and midterm clinical outcomes이창영; 임만빈
1998Recurrent Hemorrhage in Patients with Previous Surgery for Cerebral Aneurysms임만빈; 이창영; 이장철; 손은익; 김동원; 김인홍
1994Surgery for seizure-related structural lesions of the brain with intraoperative acute recording(ECoG) and functional mapping이상도; 손은익; 임만빈; 김인홍
2003The Effect of Delayed Administration of Green Tea Polyphenol, (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate, on the Change of Putrescine Level and Hippocampal Neuronal Cell Damage after Transient Global Ischemia in Gerbil이성용; 김상표; 임만빈
2008The Merits of Endovascular Coil Surgery for Patients with Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms이창영; 임만빈
2012(The)relationship between subarachnoid hemorrhage volume and development of cerebral vasospasm이창영; 임만빈
2005Three-dimensional computed tomography-guided multitract aspiration of extensive ganglionic hemorrhage: technical note김엘; 임만빈; 이창영; 김정범