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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998A case of aortocoronary dissection as a complication during a percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA)김권배; 김기식; 김윤년
2011A Case of In-Stent Neointimal Plaque Rupture 10 Years After Bare Metal Stent Implantation: Intravascular Ultrasound and Optical Coherence Tomographic Findings윤혁준; 허승호; 김형섭; 박형섭; 조윤경; 남창욱; 김윤년; 김권배
2010A Case of Intra- and Extra-Mural Hematomas During Recanalization for Chronic Total Occlusion허승호; 조윤경; 박형섭; 윤혁준; 김형섭; 남창욱; 김윤년; 김권배
2008A Case of Stent Strut Fracture of a Paclitaxel-Eluting Stent at the Time of Stent Implantation in a Complex Coronary Lesion허승호; 남창욱; 조윤경; 김형섭; 한성욱; 김권배; 김윤년
2015A comparison of tissue prolapse with optical coherence tomography and intravascular ultrasound after drug-eluting stent implantation허승호; 김인철; 조윤경; 박형섭; 윤혁준; 남창욱; 김윤년; 김권배
2012A hybrid decision support model to discover informative knowledge in diagnosing acute appendicitis장병국; 김윤년
2010A New Method for Non-Invasive Measurement of Skin in the Low Frequency Range박희준; 김윤년
2011A Survey of the Subjective Quality of Life of Clinical Physical Therapists and Factors Affecting Their Work Satisfaction Factors김윤년
2006Acute coronary artery occlusion following intravascular ultrasound examination남창욱; 허승호; 한성욱; 김기식; 김윤년; 김권배
1987Acute myocardial infarction in a patient with Buerger’s disease. A case report and a review of the literature김기식; 김윤년; 김권배; 박승국
2012Acute Stent Thrombosis and Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia in a Patient With ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction윤혁준; 조윤경; 박형섭; 김형섭; 남창욱; 허승호; 김윤년; 김권배
2014Adverse effects of long-term amiodarone therapy박형섭; 김윤년
2013Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in Hypertension: Relation with Ambulatory Arterial Stiffness Index and Metabolic Syndrome김인철; 김형섭; 조윤경; 박형섭; 윤혁준; 남창욱; 허승호; 김윤년; 김권배
2005An electrical storm with more than 3000 shocks in a patient with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator: Is jet-lag a trigger?한성욱; 김윤년; 허승호; 김기식; 김권배
2012Analysis of Multifrequency Impedance of Biologic Active Points Using a Dry Electrode System김윤년
2000Arbutamine부하 심초음파도의 안정성과 유용성김여희; 김기식; 한성욱; 남창욱; 김윤년; 김권배
2014Association between Doppler Flow of Atrial Fibrillatory Contraction and Recurrence of Atrial Fibrillation after Electrical Cardioversion김형섭; 윤혁준; 박형섭; 조윤경; 남창욱; 허승호; 김윤년; 김권배
2014Association of cardio-ankle vascular index with diastolic heart function in hypertensive patients김형섭; 김혜순; 윤혁준; 박형섭; 조윤경; 남창욱; 허승호; 김윤년; 김권배
2012Association of promoter region single nucleotide polymorphisms at positions -819C/T and -592C/A of interleukin 10 gene with ischemic heart disease하은영; 조호찬; 조윤경; 박형섭; 윤혁준; 김형섭; 남창욱; 김윤년; 김권배; 허승호; 신동훈
2013Association Rules to Identify Complications of Cerebral Infarction in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation박형섭; 김윤년
2011Auto-detection of R Wave in ECG (electrocardiography) for Patch-Type ECG Remote Monitoring System김윤년
2015Bio-Optics Based Sensation Imaging for Breast Tumor Detection Using Tissue Characterization이종하; 박희준; 김윤년
2014Characteristics of Function-Anatomy Mismatch in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease남창욱; 조윤경; 윤혁준; 박형섭; 김형섭; 허승호; 김윤년; 김권배; 정인성
2006Clinical and Angiographic Outcome of Sirolimus-Eluting Stent for the Treatments of Very Long Lesions남창욱; 허승호; 한성욱; 김기식; 김윤년; 김권배
2011Clinical Aspects of Screening Test Tools for Central Neuropathic Pain in Patients with Thalamic Stroke김윤년
2006Clinical Impliaction of Carotid-Radial Pulse Wave Velocity for Patients with Coronary Artery Disease남창욱; 한성욱; 허승호; 김윤년; 김권배
2016Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Deferred Coronary Lesions according to Disease Severity Assessed by Fractional Flow Reserve김윤년; 허승호; 김형섭; 조윤경; 박형섭; 윤혁준; 남창욱; 김권배; 한성욱
2007Clinical reviews about Overall Incidence of Adverse Effects in Amiodarone Treatment조윤경; 김윤년; 한성욱; 김인철; 김형섭; 남창욱; 허승호; 김권배
2012Clinical Trial Evaluating an Online Cognitive Dysfunction Evaluation System for Stroke Patients김윤년
2013Combination of Ischemic Preconditioning and Postconditioning in Isolated and Intact Rat Hearts: Does it Work or Not?박형섭; 김인철; 윤혁준; 김형섭; 남창욱; 허승호; 김윤년; 김권배