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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A case of sparganosis mimicking a varicose vein조원현; 김형태; 이성문; 주종윤
1997Changing patterns of Clonorchis sinensis infections in Kyongbuk, Korea주종윤; 강진무
2000Changing Patterns of Clonorchis sinensis Infections in Yeongcheon, Kyungpook Province, Korea*주종윤
2002Ecological Studies of Food-Borne Trematode Infections in Cheongdo County, Kyongbuk Province, Korea주종윤
1988Effects of mating or association of the sexes on longevity in Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus Say주종윤
2003Epidemio-entomological Surveys in Vector Mosquitoes of Japanese Encephalitis in Kyongbuk, Korea*주종윤
1996Epidemiological studies of Clonorchis sinensi in the Coastal Areas of Kyungpook Korea안성훈; 주종윤
1999Epidemiological Studies of Clonorchis sinensis in the Vicinity of Cheongdo River, Kyungpook, Korea신동학; 주종윤
1988Epidemiological studies of Entameba histolytica and other intestinal protozoa in Taegu city, Korea주종윤
1987Epidemiological studies of Entameba histolytica and other intetinal Parasites in Ulchin county, Kyungpook Province, Korea주종윤
1989Epidemiological studies on human trichomoniasis in Taegu, Korea주종윤
1990Epidemiological survey of Paragonimus westermani among residents in Ulchin county, Kyungpook Province, Korea서석권; 주종윤
2000Larval Trematodes from Fresh-water Snails in Cheongdo county, Kyongbuk, Korea주종윤
2002Population Dynamics of Malaria Vector Mosquito Anopheles sinensis in Kyongbuk, Korea (1996-1998)주종윤
1997Population Dynamics on Vector Mosquitoes in Kyungpook; Korea주종윤
1988Prevalence of Entameba histolytica in school children of Taegu city, Korea권태찬; 강진무; 주종윤
1989Prevalence of Paragonimus westermani in some Ulchin school children신동학; 주종윤
1990Prevalence of Pediculus humanus capitis in Some School Children of Taegu City, Korea주종윤
1999Purification and Characteristics of Glucoamylase in Aspergillus oryzae NR 3-6 Isolated from Traditional Korean Nuruk주종윤
1998Radix auricularia coreana: Natural snail host of Clinostomum complanatum in Korea주종윤
2004Recent Patterns of Enterobius vermicularis Infections among Preschool Children in Daegu, Korea주종윤
2000Roentgenological Findings on Pulmonary Paragonimiasis*주종윤
1987Scanning electron microscopic observations on egg surface structure of mosquitoes in Korea주종윤; 서석권
1998개회충 성충항원을 이용한 실험적 토끼 개회충증 혈청 항체가의 측정주종윤
1998개회충에 감염된 생쥐에 있어서 시기별 단백분해효소 활성의 변동주종윤
2003경남 합천댐 유역의 있어서 간흡충 역학적 조사주종윤
1992경북 고령군 주민들에 있어서 장내 기생충의 최근 감염상주종윤
2001경북 대가천에서 채집된 담수어에 있어서 흡충류 피낭유충 기생상의 변화(慶北大駕川에서 採集된 淡水魚에 있어서 吸蟲類被囊幼蟲寄生狀의 變化)주종윤
1993경북 울진군에 있어서 폐흡층의 새 침윤지신동학; 주종윤
1995경북 지역에 있어서 폐흡충의 역학적 조사주종윤