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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20207‑MEGA™ 500 Regulates the Expression of COX‑2, MMP‑3 and Type 1 Procollagen in UVB‑irradiated Human Keratinocytes and Dermal Fibroblasts류영욱; 장병철
1997A Case of Atypical Lupus Vulgaris Developing at a Skin Graft Site류영욱; 이규석; 송준영
2018A case of incidentally found metastatic malignant melanoma with unknown primary site in congenital systemic dermal melanocytosis patient김성애; 류영욱
2017A face-split study to evaluate the effects of microneedle radiofrequency with Q-switched Nd:YAG laser for the treatment of melasma김성애; 오병호; 류영욱
2019A Face-Split Study to Evaluate the Effects of Microneedle Radiofrequency with Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser for the Treatment of Melasma김성애; 류영욱
2017A study on laboratory findings and histopathologic analysis of obesity-related factors in acanthosis nigricans patients오병호; 류영욱; 김성애
1998All-trans-retinoic acid down-regulates elastin promoter activity elevated by ultraviolet B irradiation in cultured skin fibroblasts이규석; 류영욱; 김병천
2001Characterization of mutations of the type VII collagen gene (COL7A1) in recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa mitis (M-RDEB) from three Korean patients류영욱; 김병천; 이규석
2013Clinical Improvement of Striae Distensae in Korean Patients Using a Combination of Fractionated Microneedle Radiofrequency and Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser김성애; 류영욱; 이규석; 조재위; 정혜라
1994Colchicine에 의한 교원질 유전자 발현의 조절류영욱
2002Dehydroepiandrosterone에 의한 탄력소 유전자의 발현 조절류영욱; 이규석
2018Differential expression of cyclin D1, Ki-67, pRb, and p53 in psoriatic skin lesions and normal skin김성애; 최미선; 류영욱
1996Effects of Interleukin-4 on Extracellular Martrix Gene Expression in Normal Skin Fibroblasts Cultures류영욱; 김병천; 이규석
1999Human Periplakin: Genomic Organization in a Clonally Unstable Region of Chromosome 16p with an Abundance of Repetitive Sequence Elements류영욱
1998Interferon-γ upregulates the stromelysin-1 gene expression by human skin fibroblasts in culture이규석; 류영욱; 송준영
1998Interleukin-10 Differently Regulates Type I Collagen and Stromelysin-1 Promoter Activities in Dermal Fibroblast Cultures류영욱; 이규석
2003Melatonin reduces ultraviolet-B induced cell damages and polyamine levels in human skin fibroblasts in culture이규석; 류영욱; 김병천; 서성일; 김상표; 이성용
2001Melatonin reduces X-ray irradiation-induced oxidative damages in cultured human skin fibroblasts김병천; 류영욱; 이규석; 김상표
2019Moxifloxacin Labeling-Based Multiphoton Microscopy of Skin Cancers in Asians류영욱
2001Nicotine Down-regulates COL1A2 Promoter in Cultured Human Skin Fibroblasts김병천; 류영욱; 이규석
2001Nicotine이 배양된 섬유아세포에서 탄력소 유전자 발현에 미치는 영향류영욱; 이규석
1998PCR-RFLP Analysis for Detecting Mutations at 12th Codon of Oncogene Ras in Korean Human Skin Cancer류영욱; 이규석
2019Poly-L-Lactic Acid Increases Collagen Gene Expression and Synthesis in Cultured Dermal Fibroblast (Hs68) Through the p38 MAPK Pathway김성애; 서성일; 류영욱
1999Q-Switched Alexandrite 레이저를 이용한 오타모반 및 문신의 치료효과류영욱; 김병천; 이규석
1996Regulation of interleukin-4 on collagen gene expression by systemic sclerosis fibroblasts in culture’이규석; 류영욱; 송준영
2018Secretan’s 증후군 1예오병호; 류영욱; 김성애
2016Serial changes in the proliferation and differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells after ionizing radiation오영기; 김진희; 손대구; 권선영; 류영욱
2000Telomerase Activity in Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Basal Cell Carcinoma김병천; 류영욱; 이규석
1999The Effects of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor(bFGF) on Type I and Ⅶ Collagen Gene Expression in Cultured Dermal Fibroblast류영욱; 이규석; 최동원
2001The effects of the melatonin on ultraviolet-B irradiated cultured dermal fibroblasts서성일; 류영욱; 김병천; 이규석; 문교철